This is the Life We Chose

I try to make a habit to go to the gym as often as I can. I like the gym because we force ourselves to go there despite the fact that it involves a lot of sweat and pain. It can be VERY hard work, but we chose to do it regardless because we want to see results. We even pay money so we can go to a good gym (or a cheap one, if you’re me). Even though we know that it’s going to involve a lot of pain, we still do it. Since it’s our choice to go, we don’t complain that it’s “a lot of hard work.” It’s kind of a given.

I tweeted a few days ago about how it’s “been a tough road chasing a dream lately.” And oh, how true it was. I got rejected from a good talent agency in the city. I’ve also dedicated a lot of time for a show that unfortunately doesn’t offer any pay. On top of that, work at the restaurant has been terribly slow, and I’ve had to take more time off work to be at rehearsals. Needless to say, I haven’t been in the highest of spirits with all of this going on at once. I was constantly looking for someone to blame. Not to mention I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around.

While there are going to be frustrating times pursuing a career as a performer, we need to remember that this is the career we chose to peruse. No one forced us to go to go to an open call only to be told that it wasn’t going to work out. Nobody made us take off work to go to an audition. And from what I recall, no one forced me to do anything of the things that I’ve spent the past month complaining about.

So right now it looks like I’m going through a setback, something I blogged about a couple months ago. It’s a temporary period where I’m stuck in one place and won’t be able to move forward. For now. While I’m going to allow myself to be frustrated every now and then, looking for someone to blame is unacceptable. I chose to wait tables to make more time for my career. I chose to audition for and accept a role that did not offer any compensation. I also chose to take expensive improv classes at Second City (which minus the money part, I could not be more grateful to be a part of).

So friends, do yourself a favor. If you find yourself being frustrated as an artist, remind yourself that you chose a very, very hard career. There’s going to be times like these and it’s going to suck. While we’re entitled to our frustration, don’t take it out on others. That’s like flirting with a girl you know you can’t be with, and then complaining that she’s leading you on….not that I would know anything about that…

Keep on chasing those dreams!