Never Sacrifice Happiness to Pursue Your Career

I got home a short while ago after working one of my survival jobs. In short, it was an awful day. I’ve learned that these days happen with this particular job and it’s frustrating.

I’ve found myself repeating these same phrases:

“I want this to be the last job I work before I become a fulltime actor.”

“The flexibility is just too good here. I’ll never find it anywhere else.”

“Yeah, the pay is pretty bad. But things will pick up eventually.”

“There are some days where I’m really unhappy. But that’s the price of being an actor.”

There are so many more that I’m sure I’m not thinking about right now. Regardless, there’s one conclusion that I thought of earlier, and I want to share it:  Never sacrifice happiness to pursue your career. No matter what you’re going for. It’s not worth it and it’s not fair to you.

As far as the whole “last job before I go fulltime” bit, that could be a reeeeeallly long wait. I can write a whole long list of things I need to accomplish before that happens. I’d rather be happy now. Yes, the flexibility is better than any other job I’ve ever had. But considering I can count the number of actors on one hand that work with me there, I’m willing to bet that there are other flexible jobs out there.

Also, why do I have to wait for things to “pick up?” I’ve been saying this phrase for years. To me, it’s like the whole concept that actors “can’t always wait for work to come to them.” We’re encouraged to create our own work. Personally, I find that idea intimidating. But when I think of some of the plays I would LOVE to be a part of that never seem to be put on in Chicago, I start to think, “What if I did try to put on one of these plays?” While I admit that Chicago has its flaws, it is a GREAT place to create your own work. And that’s something I’d like to start doing too. I’ll save that idea for another blog post.

I’ve also noticed other coworkers that are unhappy. Why do we do this to ourselves? In my last post, I wrote about how everything we do is our decision. No one is making us do so many of the things we don’t want to do.

Today I’ve made the decision to be happy while chasing my dreams. It’s a tough road…why make it tougher? 


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