Take a Break!

On Tuesday night, I started planning out what I was going to do with my Wednesday. I decided I was going to go to my favorite Starbucks in Old Town by North and Wells and do a fun assignment I found through The Savvy Actor.


I had it planned perfectly. Instead of going home after work, I figured I’d go to Starbucks since I work near Old Town. On paper, this was a great idea! Buttt it didn’t work out so well. I had to cram everything into my backpack that is way too small (why did I even buy it in the first place?). I also needed to spend the little tip money that I made at work and buy lunch since I wasn’t going straight home. Oh, and I was still in my work clothes – they’re normal enough, but still didn’t make me feel like I left work. However, as I got to Starbucks I tried to neglect all of this and be positive so I could do my assignment. Only to realize I left the assignment notes at home.

As I sat at Starbucks with my grande blonde roast (and for the record, I NEVER get grande, but I had a free drink on my card so, why not?) I tried to figure out what the hell I was going to do during my stay at my favorite place to get work done. Checking for auditions would only take so long. And I hate being at Starbucks without my notebook to log what I had gotten done and what still needed to get done for the week. While I was extremely frustrated, I realized that leaving straight from work was a terrible idea. Because even if I did have my ever so lovely blue note book, I wasn’t in a good mindset.

Something that I’ve been doing a better job of lately (with the exception of today, of course) is giving myself time after work to do non acting activities. I mentioned in a previous post how much I dislike my survival jobs. My bosses expect me to pour my heart and soul into my job, in order to create the best experience for the customers. While I have no problem putting in 110% into any job, my “heart and soul” is not for survival work. It’s saved for my work as an artist. Pouring my soul into something like waiting tables is very disheartening for me. Hell, waiting tables in general is disheartening.

SO. How does one work on their art after working a survival job that they’re unhappy working?  I personally think that anyone who has one of these jobs should take at least a half hour after work to do anything they want – except acting related activities. Eat a snack, watch TV, catch up on sports…do anything you want! You just spent god knows how long on an activity that you probably don’t want to be doing. Yes, this means you need to spent some time during the day to do the things you actually want to do. But you’re allowed to have a break.

On a slightly happier and far more humorous note, I ended up leaving Starbucks yesterday out of frustration of my situation before evening finishing this blog. Today was a MUCH better day filled with extra work, an awesome teleseminar (also put on by The Savvy Actor), and then coming back here to Starbucks to not only completely my activity, but also this blog. I didn’t mind biking down here in the later part of the evening, despite the cold.

And right now…it’s pouring out. With high winds, of course. WOOO BIKE RIDING!

Please be sure to read my future post on “Why You Shouldn’t Ride Your Bike When You Know it’s Going To Rain Later On Despite the Fact That You Think You’ll Be Finished Before The Rain Comes, Because Let’s Be Honest Tony, You Always Take Longer Than You Intend.”