Getting out of the funk

Recently, I fell into a funk.

For purposes of this blog, we’ll use the Tony Dictionary for “funk:” (n) A time where you’re not quite yourself, feeling a bit down and/or off. This creates a negative environment where doing anything productive is damn near impossible.

While I’ve definitely had my share of setbacks, a funk is a little different. A setback (according to the Tony Dictionary) means you’re falling off track and your mood hasn’t necessarily changed. I haven’t suffered a funk like this in a while. I won’t mention how I got there. Anyone can fall into a funk for all sorts of reasons. The important part is learning how one gets out. I just wanted to get back to feeling like Tony and get back on track with my goals. Spoiler Alert: I got out of this funk. It was much easier than I thought.

Here are somethings I tried in the meantime:

I tried calling friends from home. Okay I lied. I’ll tell you part of how I got into this: I’m homesick. I miss my friends terribly. And I’m not happy at all that the Red Sox had a parade without me. (Did they even see my facebook statuses??) One of those friends that I miss terribly is Nicole.


Nicole is a dear friend who I need to call every once in a while. There are two scenarios in particular where I always call her: 1) When something comes up and I need her advice. 2) Whenever I feel like calling Nicole. She responds gracefully to both. So I talked to her for a while, and felt much better after. Unfortunately…that didn’t get me completely out of the funk. An episode of “Walking Dead” later, I had forgotten about most of the call. I was focused on zombies that were likely hiding in my kitchen. And while I love “Walking Dead,” zombies never put me in a good mood.

I tried getting out of the apartment. I love my apartment more than I’ve loved any other apartment I’ve ever had (Essex Street in Salem is a close second). However, I’m far more productive getting things done elsewhere. Hence my many, many visits to Starbucks. In fact, one of the baristas saw me come in the other night and announced to the staff, “Everyone, Tony’s here! This night’s about to get awesome!” The other baristas didn’t seem to believe this.

Unfortunately, this didn’t shake my mood either. Even when you’re set up to be productive, there are some days this doesn’t happen. I went home and stayed up far too late watching more “Walking Dead.”

I went to work the next day. “But Tony, this doesn’t count as ‘trying to get out of the funk!’” I know, and you’re right. I went to work in a not-so-great mood. Luckily, I have some pretty cool coworkers. I was joking around with them a bit, and before you knew it……my funk was gone. I was pretty surprised once I realized this. I wasn’t happy to be there, nothing particularly good was happening, and it was still a good two hours before I had gotten the table of three girls drinking mimosas who all left me notes on their receipts.


Do this for your server, and I guarantee it will make their day.

So what exactly happened here? I eventually started focusing on things other than my bad mood, and I felt better. Even though I had gotten very little sleep the night before, I still felt motivated enough after work to go to the gym.

Guys. We’re gonna fall into funks. They’re not fun. But if you simply go about your day rather than focusing on getting out of it, they might just go away.

Have a great weekend, friends. (And remember to check the kitchen for zombies.)


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