How To #MakeSomeonesDay

Many of you endured a full week of facebook and twitter posts asking for money for a project I started called #MakeSomeonesDay. If you missed it, you clearly don’t go on facebook enough. However, I’ll fill ya in real quick: My friends and I raised over $500 to give to the baristas at my favorite Starbucks (the one at North and Wells) in the form of gift cards and a generous tip.

Many of you donated, shared the link to the indiegogo page, or offered to help in other ways. I can’t thank you enough. If you donated, I put your name in the Christmas cards that went to the baristas. Which looked like this:

Names in the card

Then I included a $15 gift card to Target. Add the two together, and you get this:

Full Card

And if you’re wondering what your receipt looks like after buying thirty gift cards at Target, it looks like this:

Full receipt

Bottom of receipt

And then of course, we had to tip the baristas. Because that’s what this project is all about:


This took a lot of time to put together. And when all the cards were sealed and garnished with a candy cane, they looked like this:

all the cards

Pretty cool, huh?

I’ll let the video do the rest of the explaining. Please bear with my terrible video taking skills, as I thought it was a brilliant idea to do this myself. Also, shout out to Sean Kelly for helping me put it all together.


Get the message? Good. Now spread the word.


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