Accept Instead of Resist. Try it.

I was really excited about an upcoming work party. Not only was there free food and drink, but it had been forever since I had a fun night out. Before I left work the day before, I exited with a cry of “We’re going to have so much fun tomorrow night!”

(The underlined text may or may not have been slightly different with more adult language and references to alcohol.)

In any event, I woke up the next morning in a great mood, got a few things done, and had a fantastic workout. Around 3:00pm I got back from the gym. I started thinking about what else needed to get done before I left at 6:00pm. But first, I had to check my email. Obviously. What if I got an important email?? Not that this was likely. I checked anyway

There was an important email in my inbox.

It was asking about my availability for a great audition the following morning. “Wait, tomorrow? But I’m supposed to have so much fun tonight! How am I supposed to have all of this fun with a big audition tomorrow?”

I went to the party. When I got there, I informed my coworkers and bosses that they would have to do lots of fun things together without me. Shortly after, I left and went home to prep for the audition.  

I thought about something that my accountability partner, Jannica, had told me recently. It was relating to a different topic, but extremely relevant: Accept instead of resist. Since her telling me this, I’ve been thinking about different areas of my life where I could use this. The answer: All of them.

I have this tendency to get upset whenever things don’t go perfectly according to plan. It leads to stress and lots of frustration. Take this past week for example. I was supposed to have three days off. I ended up working on two of them. This meant the list of weekly goals that I was so excited to write in my brand new journal were going to change. I had to ask myself how else I could get these things done with less time than I originally planned?

I’ll tell ya this much: I certainly wasn’t planning on updating my blog at 1:00am….oh dear, it’s 1:00am. Let’s stop here.

Think about different ways you can apply this “acceptance over resistance” idea in your everyday life. I bet it’ll make you happier. Though if it doesn’t work, I encourage you to go out and be so overwhelmed with fun, you forget what you did the next morning due to the amount of fun you had the night before.

(I need to start getting out more.)

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