What to do when you really, really want something

How do you act when you want something? Like, really, really want something?

Some people invest all their time and energy into it. Others like to talk about it. Sometimes I’ll hear the phrase, “If this doesn’t happen, I’ll just die!”

First off, let’s avoid saying this. There’s no need for anyone to die.

Second, I learned something awesome this week on the particular topic.

I recently started a program called “My Big Year” with Courtney Rioux. Courtney is a life coach for actors. I started following Courtney when her blog popped up on my twitter feed one day. I only recently started working with her on “My Big Year” – 12 weeks of group coaching, plus some other fun perks.

We kicked off on Monday night with a “Year End Review.”

my big year

My outfit makes it hard to find me in this picture

my big year 2

This one too. 

In addition to doing various exercises, Courtney imparted some of her wisdom onto us. One thing in particular that stuck out was how to go about our goals – You know, those things we want? Like, really, really want?


All photos were stolen (with love) from facebook.com/hubbardcoaching

Courtney taught us a trick: Ask for these things that we really want – and then let them go. This doesn’t mean we don’t want them anymore. It means we did our part of asking, and now we’re letting the universe do its thing. (For the record, Courtney didn’t use the example of the universe. That’s just me watching too much “How I Met Your Mother.”)

She gave us an example of when you have a big crush on someone. If you come off really eager to be around them and please them, you’re likely going to scare them off. Just ask for it, and then let it go.

How often do you find yourself doing this? When you’re looking for a new job, hoping to meet someone, or maybe just hoping to get cast in this great project that would change your life forever – how often are you thinking about it? I can’t tell you how much I’ve exhausted myself thinking about how bad I want something. There are a few things I really want right now that would make my life so much better. Even though it’s tough “letting them go,” I definitely feel better and less stressed out knowing that I don’t have to think about these things 24/7.

Oh, and just to be clear, this doesn’t mean that we don’t take any action towards our goals. I certainly hope you’re taking action if you want something bad enough! For that, I’ll let Courtney do the talking. Here’s a blog post she wrote on “How to get what you want – right now!” I reread this earlier today after sharing it with a friend. Check it out, and even try the exercise. I try to do mine daily.

What is something you really want? Are you thinking about it all the time? If you are, just let it go! (Unless it’s for me to be successful and married to Heidi Watney. In which case, you should ask for it a second or third time.)


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