30 Day Creative Challenge

Hey friends! I know, I know. It’s not Friday. Fear not, there will be another post on Friday. However, I got an idea tonight that I’m really excited about.

I was at my desk attempting to be productive. It was proving difficult, so I took a break. Instead of the usual facebook browsing, I decided to try something different. I opened my journal and started writing about everything on my mind. I’ve been meaning to do more of this and less facebook browsing anyway. I wrote down a few random thoughts: Goals I want to accomplish, how much I miss drinking (more on that later), and other things. There was one theme that kept coming up: I hate the cold weather. It was the first time I was honest with myself about this. I’ve been trying hard to stay positive when it comes to Chicago winter. This is very difficult. It’s more difficult when everyone is complaining about the weather on facebook – or worse, pointing out what the temperature and wind chills are. Seriously, we all know how cold it is. There’s no need to reiterate how awful it’s going to be…

…okay I’m doing that right now. I’ll stop. But first, here’s a snapshot of what our forecast looks like for the week. (After this I’ll stop.)

stupid weather

I’m not gonna lie. There have been updates since I last checked this. The fact that we have three days in a row where it hits twenty degrees has improved my spirits drastically.

However, you get the picture. The cold weather combined with the whole “WHY IS IT SO DAMN WINDY” factor has made me extremely unmotivated.

Oh, and just so I have my bases covered:

-The Starbucks at North and Wells is my usual creative/productive spot. But waiting for the train in negative wind chills is not my thing.

-Drink if you just said “It’s windy because you live in the windy city.”

Tangent over.

During my journaling, I wrote this down:

2014-01-21 20.43.44

And wouldn’t you know it, the answer came to me. On the next page.

2014-01-21 20.44.59

I’ve challenged myself to do something/see something creative every day for the next thirty days. Starting today.

This includes:



-Auditioning (yes, I’m counting this)


-Writing letters

-Catching a play/show

This does NOT include:

-Watching television shows or movies (Don’t get me wrong – film counts as something creative. But I already watch too much netflix)

-Writing letters to friends and then letting them sit on my desk for several days (Letters must be mailed out the day of for them to count)

-This blog post (Blogging counts. Just not this post. That’s cheating)

I’m going to post an update every day with what I did. Hopefully with a picture or image. Starting…TONIGHT! (Because why procrastinate and start tomorrow? That’s just silly).

To start, here’s a letter I’m about to mail out. I don’t want to spoil the letter itself, but I included the date and “Day 1” to show where I’m at on the project.

2014-01-21 21.29.27

2014-01-21 21.35.37

So there you have it. Day one complete. Only twenty nine more days to go.

Check back tomorrow to see what happens on day two!

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