Day 3: Writing out character descriptions for “Guys Night 7”

I got a little nostalgic during this one.

I have a group of friends back home called “The Slurve Crew.” Most are people I went to high school with. While we did lots of silly things together, there was one ritual that I particularly enjoyed (for completely biased reasons). I started writing skits about us. (I know, right?) The first one, titled “Guys Night,” was written back in 2007. It just featured the boys of the group, and made fun of us lots. In addition, I included a “character description” to further humiliate the group as a whole.

Fast forward to today. One of my friends, Paula, is getting married this summer! This sounded like the perfect time to write a new script about her special day. I’ve already asked Paula if we could incorporate this into the wedding itself. She has yet to respond.

In any event, I took on just a small part of this script as part of my 30 Day Creative Challenge by writing the character description for the men. Depending on time, I may start the descriptions for the women. But this is what I have for now, and I definitely don’t want to post my creative action for the day at 11:00pm every night.

Here’s a very teasing snapshot of the character description (because I can’t actually show it to you before the wedding! That’s bad luck.)

Character Description

Oh dear. I forgot that by posting this I would have to explain something embarrassing. So I indicated the name of the character with capital letters. You’ll see on some of them there’s another name in parenthesis. That’s because, in an attempt to make this a very silly skit, I changed all our names to fakes that rhymed with our real names.

Shut up. I was nineteen at the time. And may or may not have stolen the idea from someone in my drama class.

And here’s an old picture of our group of friends at our annual day-before-Thanksgiving-Feast at Fuddruckers. This was taken in 2009, and was sadly the last day-before-Thanksgiving-feast I’ve joined them for 😦


Day 3 complete. Only 27 more to go!


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