Day 4: Catching a show at Stage Left Theatre

Stage Left has quickly become one of my favorite theatre companies in Chicago. They put on free staged readings, offer affordable workshops, and, of course, great theatre.

Their current show, “A Day in the Death of Joe Egg,” is currently running until February 16th at Theatre Wit.

Stage Left

I don’t think I’ve ever brought a ticket/program home with me in good condition

Quick side note: Normally on Fridays, I post an actual blog about life and the thoughts of Tony Rossi. After planning on doing this, I decided it didn’t feel right interrupting the flow of the 30 Day Creative Challenge in its early stages. Check back next Friday for an actual blog post on life. And the thoughts of Tony Rossi.

Also, I thought of another thing to try and add on to this challenge: I started the project as a way to stay positive and creative during this brutal weather. Something I’ve been trying lately thanks to Courtney Rioux is to find three things I’m grateful for every day. Well what if I found three things to be grateful for that had to do with the weather?? Crazy, right?

Here are mine from today:

1) The weather jumped up TEN DEGREES between 12:00pm and 2:00pm.

2) I didn’t have to wear my ski mask outside for the first time in several days (though I probably should have)

3) The wind was blowing north, so the walk home to my apartment (which is conveniently located north of the theatre) was quite pleasant…compared to the walk to the theatre.

Aaaaand that’s it for the day. Check back tomorrow for day 5.

Day 4 completely. Only 26 more days to go!

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