What winter 2014 has taught me

This has been the worst winter I’ve ever endured. Here’s why:

-The cold temperatures have put me in a poor mood. My motivation which is usually abundant has been decreasing steadily.

-I can’t use my back steps. How the hell am I supposed to get to Dairy Queen if there’s a chance I’ll die trying to get there?

Back steps

On the plus side, I don’t think anyone is going to rob us anytime soon. 

-It’s too cold for Dairy Queen. Not only that, they’ve been closing early most days due to the weather.

-I’ve had to endure multiple cases of cabin fever. I can’t even look out the window without seeing signs of winter everywhere. Icicles

That’s my roommate Eric. Note that he’s not standing up straight, yet one of the icicles still reached his level. 

-Personal belongings are now impossible to use. Guys. Don’t leave your bike outside.


Note the right handlebar. 

Or your television.


Have you had enough negativity yet?

Last week I talked about how focusing on the negatives aren’t going to get you anywhere. By looking for them, you’re going to keep finding more. However if you flip this around and try focusing on the positives, you’ll find those too. Even if you’re upset and sad because the weather sucks, try looking for the positives. You’ll find ’em.

Speaking of which, let’s look at some positives regarding the weather.

-Have you seen the ten day forecast?? We have two days in the forties coming up?? Maybe even reaching the fifties? I was chatting with someone at work recently about fifty degree weather. “Can you even remember the last time it was fifty degrees out here?” he asked me. I couldn’t. If I had to guess, I’d say that was back in September.

-Opening day for the Cubs is just seven weeks from today. Baseball season means my neighborhood comes back to life. It means feeling the energy around Wrigley Field every time I walk/bike by (which is pretty much daily). I couldn’t be more excited.

-The cold weather has brought Chicago closer together. This winter has given me a whole new outlook on weather. Admittedly, I’ve unintentionally started competing with friends from back home (“You think thirty degrees is cold?!”) At the same time, Chicago is going through this together. We can either put up with the cold weather or we can move. And I’m sure many of us aren’t moving. (Unless you are. In which case, I’ll take any and all layers you have.) But most of us will continue to endure it. Call me cocky, but that makes us stronger and more awesome.

But don’t call me cocky.

Sometimes it takes the bad times to appreciate the good ones. We certainly don’t like going through break ups, financial struggles, or working stressful jobs. But once we move from that, we’re in a better place. And we can better appreciate our current situation because of the old ones. And for those of you think, “I’ll never be able to move forward,” you’re incorrect. You can always move onto to something better. Just as long as you’re taking action instead of sitting around and feeling sad.

One more positive: That bike and television? Not mine. Seriously, who leaves a TV outside in the middle of February??

Now if you’ll excuse me. It is once again a whopping twenty agrees above zero, which means it’s warm enough for Dairy Queen.


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