It’s a Good Thing to Have Life Problems



Does life ever give you too many problems? 


Have I ever mentioned that I tend to stress? [Guys in the back agree loudly] Yeahhh, I stress out. Like, a lot. Want to see my current list of things stressing me out? [Guys in the back protest loudly] Excellent! Here it is:


-Not making enough progress on non-acting projects

-Not making enough progress on acting goals

-Signing up for healthcare

-Managing new expenses (See “Signing up for Healthcare”)

-Other stressful things that that will come up after I post this, because, let’s be honest, there are always more stressful things coming up.

Recently I was having a conversation with a large group of people in my head (you know, like normal people do). I was giving advice to these people on having problems and being stressed. But I told them not to worry. “It’s a good thing when you have a lot of problems. That means you’re on the right track!”


What the hell was that? Why would I say that to them? Can you imagine if these people were, like, real people?

Then I had a thought: What if I’m right? If I’m right, then it’s okay that all these problems are constantly coming up. Between this new thought about being right, combined with not actually knowing why I was right, you can understand how I had a lot on my plate this week.

Quick tangent: Does anyone post on facebook about things they’re grateful for? We’re so eager to post about the things we don’t like. It’s nice when you have friends who constantly are posting about positives.

This is why I love being friends with Ali, who is constantly doing this. She posted a gem the other day that really got me thinking: “I am so grateful for some of my past hurts because they are ways I can help people who are going through them, currently.”

First off all, thank you Ali for trying to make facebook a better place. I can’t tell you how many friends I have who always are complaining.

*Loud grunt from the back*

Peter! Sorry, I keep forgetting you’re here.

Second, this confirmed my “What if I’m right?” theory. There’s this awesome Dallas Travers video that I always watch. She tells us to “seek failure.” I’ve been forgetting to seek it out myself. I can’t tell you how much failure I’ve had over the past couple of months. Since I wasn’t “looking for it,” I wasn’t able to appreciate it. Not only will I be able to share these failures with others who are later going through them, but I’m going to learn from them and become a better person.

How awesome is that?

What are some areas in your life where you can start seeking failure?



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