What I learned from David Ortiz

When you’re forced to make a big, stressful decision, how does that make you feel? (Don’t say stressed. I already gave you that word. You can’t use it.)

…okay fine you can use it. But why does it make you feel stressed?

I was chatting with a friend recently. I don’t want this person to get embarrassed, so we’ll just call him David Ortiz. When chatting with my good friend David Ortiz, I learned he was going through a rough patch with his significant other. I asked the usual questions: “Are you okay?” “What’s going through your mind?” “Should I even be asking questions because, honestly, I didn’t stop and think this might be not something youwant to talk about?” And so on and so forth. But my friend was surprisingly calm about the situation. (He is David Ortiz, after all). He said he had chatted with several people who had also gone through relationship struggles. He walked off from these conversations (Get it? Walk off?) with a similar theme : “One way or the other, everything is going to be alright.” What I loved about David Ortiz’s thought process is that he wasn’t thinking about the struggle he was going through. He was thinking about what’s ahead. And he was absolutely right to do this.

(Not that I would ever doubt David Ortiz.)

Whenever we’re in situations similar to David’s, we focus on the struggle. We think about the rough transition period and sometimes even obsess over how rough this struggle will be. 

Why do this to ourselves? Next time you’re in a stressful situation, let’s try and use the calm we see in David Ortiz. Are you going to think about how much the transition period is going to suck?  Or will you focus on how this eventually will make you a better, happier person? (If it helps, most of these transition periods are temporary. We’ll eventually settle into our new situation/environment). If all else fails, try remembering David’s message: One way or the other, everything is going to be alright.


Photo credit: Facebook.com/DavidOrtiz

I’m a pretty lucky guy to be friends with David Ortiz.

…okay I’ll stop now. Have a great weekend, friends! 

PS – If you haven’t heard, we’re going to #MakeSomeonesDay – again! I’m raising $100 to leave as a tip for a lucky server at one of my favorite restaurants in two weeks. Check it out (or message me for details). 

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