#MakeSomeonesDay – Part II

Guys. You rock.

I didn’t do as well with advertising #MakeSomeonesDay this round. But several of you still stepped up to the plate.

Once again, I didn’t advertise where we were doing this. I did this partly because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. And partly because I wanted to surprise my friends back home.

For this round of #MakeSomeonesDay, we went to Red’s Sandwich Shop in Salem, Massachusetts.


Why Red’s?

1) It’s one of my favorite restaurant’s in one of my favorite cities. It’s loved by both myself and my friends back home.

2) As a waiter at a brunch restaurant, I can tell you that the brunch crowd is NOT always pleasant. I wanted to give back to someone in an industry that I know all too well.

So on Saturday, April 26th, me and my friend Nicole (Remember Nicole? She’s the one who makes the cool guitars) went to Red’s. This is tradition whenever I’m home. This time it was extra special..

We had Steph as our waiter. She was wonderful. After Nicole and I finished our meal, we paid and got ready to leave. Before we did, I approached Steph. I told her we had a great time, thanked her for her service, and handed her an envelope with the $100 tip. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see her reaction.

However, this was posted on Red’s facebook page an hour ago:

 Reds #MakeSomeonesDay

Aaaand that is why we do this. You’re welcome Steph.

Thanks to Courtney, Traci, Karyn, and Tom for donating. And thank you to everyone who shared the page to spread the word.

You better believe #MakeSomeonesDay is coming back for a third round!


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