Going through the Struggle

Oh, hey friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a nice Mother’s Day. Hopefully you took your mother somewhere nice…Or if you were working yesterday, I hope you stayed sane serving on all the mothers yesterday.

I’ve talked about waiting tables. I’ve talked about how draining it is. But it’s part of the “struggle” that I’m going through. While I don’t enjoy it, I’m glad to have experienced a struggle like this. I’m sure we can all think of a celebrity or two who achieved fame at a young age, but eventually let the attention get to their heads. I like to think that going through a struggle before then helps educate us to be more humble as we achieve success.

On that note, I tend to forget that there are celebrities who went through struggles themselves to get to where they are today. All I think is “Why are they so perfect?” and “How do I get there myself?”

There’s a reason we look up to successful people. We see how much they’ve accomplished. What we don’t always see is how they got there. We just see the end result. I personally love learning about how successful people struggled to get to where they are today.

Please note, I am not saying that I enjoy seeing people fail. Dear god, that would be morbid and awful! What I am saying is that it’s nice to see these awesome and inspiring people appear a bit more “human.” Hearing about their struggles makes me realize that with hard work and struggling a bit myself, I can get to where they are. It’ll just take time.

Now for the next challenge: How do we enjoy ourselves during the struggle? We can’t just stay unhappy while we’re going on the journey.  To be honest, this is an area I’m still trying to figure out. But I’ll be sure to share my secrets as I figure them out 🙂 Yesterday, this may or may not have involved mimosas at work. And after.


This was from last Monday, but I met up with some old coworkers from my first serving job! That night involved Margaritas – not mimosas. (Photo credit: Nicole Stupka)

I’ll see ya next week.

2 thoughts on “Going through the Struggle

  1. Nice post. Are you going to come to the find your Glee workshop? Its pay what you can for coaches on my team. Even if that’s like 5 bucks. Hope you can make it. We’ll talk about changing up your rules so that you can be happy and then you can blog about it! lol. Thursday the 29th from 7 to 9.

    • Thanks Courtney! I’m surprised I made it through the post without giving you another shout out – this is right up your alley! Definitely want to try and make it on the 29th. If not, I saw you had least one more coming up in June or July? Love that there are so many to chose from 🙂

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