Insomnia, Self Control, and OITNB

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me. Anyone else ever experience this?

[No one responds. All TonyinChicago readers are currently sleeping because they too couldn’t sleep last night.]

There’s a few different tactics I use when I can’t fall asleep. One of them is to watch Netflix.


I’ve been watching a lot of seasons 2 of “Orange is the New Black” this week.

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Then there are some rare times where I’m really feeling frustrated. In this case…I’ll head for the kitchen.


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Despite working on getting a six pack – a silly fitness goal that I’ve had for a while – I did this again last night. Late night snacks push me further away from my goal. So why did I still do it?


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Think about the characters in “Orange is the New Black.” They want freedom.  Yet many of them constantly take risks that – if caught taking – could result in a longer sentence. They obviously don’t want more jail time. Yet they still take these risks.

When we’re in an uncomfortable situation, it’s easy to think about the short term. We’ll take action that temporarily makes us feel better, but can hurt us in the long run. Taking this easier, yet more destructive path isn’t usually the best decision. But it’s an easy way to go when we’re feeling frustrated or weak.

So how do we avoid this? It depends on the situation. If it’s goal related, I recommend getting an accountability partner to keep you in check. It also helps to make a vision board that you can see each time you wake up. I may or may not have a poster of Shaun T and his abs on my wall right now (I’m sure my roommates are confused by this).

Despite taking these extra steps, we’re still going to have days when we fall off track and make mistakes. While it’s easy to get frustrated when this happens, I urge you not to kick yourself. WE’RE HUMAN! We all make mistakes. Go to bed (if you can), wake up tomorrow and be better than you were yesterday.

Here’s something that’s made me feel better: Making mistakes and falling off track leads to a better “you.” I used to snack on chips and carbs at night. Last night I had almonds and sun flower seeds. We get better as we go along.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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