Letting Jealousy Get the Best of Us

Here’s a question for ya: What do Doug McDermott and the World Cup have in common?

Answer: Both involve lots of talent and success that make other people jealous.

Sure, both have lots of fans cheering them on, hoping for their successes. Unfortunately, I’ve also witnessed a lot of jealously upstage emotions of support and encouragement.

Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

Doug McDermott


Photo credit: http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2014/06/doug-mcdermott-smokes-99-amateurs-in-game-of-horse-video/


Doug is a recent Creighton University grad. He played NCAA Division I basketball for the Creighton Blue Jays, where he achieved some pretty sweet accomplishments. In the 2013-2014 season, he led the league in points scored, while setting an NCAA record scoring double digits in 135 games. He’s also ranked fifth all time in NCAA history for points scored. It comes as no surprise that Doug will likely be drafted in the first round of the upcoming NBA Draft.

I didn’t know much about Doug until a couple weeks ago. Ninety nine of us Midwest peeps got a chance to meet him – and shoot some hoops too!


Let’s be honest, #27 who makes that killer shot at 1:15 probably got the attention from some NBA scouts too, yes?

…maybe not.

After I stopped giggling with excitement over this, I decided to do a google search. I was curious to see where this video was showing up and what people were saying about it.

I was disappointed when the first reactions I read were negative:

How much do you want to bet that 90% of this is CGI” – Youtube

How is this HORSE? It seems they just let people take unlimited shots until some went in and now Doug McDermott is a peanut M&M. Might hurt his draft prospects, tbh. Lots of people are allergic.” – Reddit

“I was impressed by the rando that made the bounce-bank shot from the rafter.” – Reddit

I’ll have that Reddit user know that I am NOT that rando. Rather, I am NUMBER TWENTY SEVEN (which was more or less my name that day).


The World Cup 

Admittedly, I used to get annoyed when I found myself in the middle of a soccer conversation. It wasn’t relevant to me, yet I was constantly hearing about it both in person and on social media. As it turns out, I wasn’t alone in this category. Saw a friend post a similar meme on facebook recently:


Photo credit: https://imgflip.com/i/9rken


During my evening where I couldn’t fall asleep last week, I left my room and ended up turning on ESPN. Guess what they were talking about?




It’s amazing what we can learn at 2:00am. Watching this clip that night changed my mindset. While soccer still isn’t relevant to me, it’s relevant to thousands of people – like, really relevant. (Seriously, look at the dude pumping his arms! HE’S SO HAPPPY.) Why would I wish ill of something that has this effect on others?

It’s easy to get jealous and selfish. Yet it’s such a silly thing to do. We’re not going to be good at everything. We sure as hell aren’t all going to be good at basketball. Why do we need to be jealous when we see a 6’8’’ guy from Iowa make these amazing shots? (By the way, I can promise that none of these involved any kind of CGI).

Next time you find yourself getting jealous over someone or something, stop and ask yourself why you’re jealous. Is it because you’re witnessing someone accomplish one of your own goals? If that’s the case, cool! You’re on your timeline. Start tracking your own progress and stop comparing it to someone else’s. And if you’re not, why be jealous? Celebrate their accomplishments with them! Crazy idea, right? But why not try it and see how happy it could make you?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go work on some more trick shots. Doug might get drafted by the Bulls and he’s obviously going to want to hangout.





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