How to be healthier on vacation

If you’re friends with me on facebook, chances are you read lots of “I’m in New England and you’re not and everything smells like peaches” posts this week. Thanks for bearing with me!

Much like my last vacation, this was not a healthy one. As a skinny guy, I enjoy wearing tight clothing. And right now? Let’s just say I have some work to do before I wear my favorite skinny jeans in public again. Although, I didn’t do as bad this trip as I previously did. I was better with nutrition, squeezed in a few extra workouts, and only had one or two days I can look back at and think, “Really, Tony? Did you really need that extra piece of cake?”

Seriously. There was a lot of cake.

Wedding cake

Photo credit: Rachel Buck


Between this trip and my last one, I learned a few tricks to use when you’re away from your kitchen:

Limit your cheat meals: It’s incredibly easy to develop the mentality of “I’m on vacation so let’s have cake for all three meals.” If you have a fun night planned, there’s no need to avoid your favorite treats once you’re there. Instead, try going for salads and fruit while hanging out at the hotel beforehand. Earn those cheats!

Go easy with the alcohol. If you’re human, there’s a good chance you like to drink during vacation. I am not saying to drink less. That would be silly. What I’m suggesting is going with the lesser calorie drinks for most of the trip. Again, earn your way to those high calorie/carb drinks. My goal was to have vodka sodas over beer when I could. Then I made sure to have a beer or three when going to places that had specialty beers….like Beer Works.

2014-06-30 18.53.03

Because I hadn’t had their watermelon beer in two years, I may or may not have had another one of these at the airport.


Exercising. This one can be tough. A lot of us can’t stick with our usual workouts once we’re out of town. It’s also easy to fall victim to the thought, “I’m on vacation so let’s skip workouts and have cake for all three meals.” There’s two important things to consider: 1) Being on vacation doesn’t mean we have to skip workouts. We’re just using this as an excuse not to. Speaking of which…2) We tend to consume lots of extra calories on vacation. Doing a quick workout might not stop you from gaining weight, but you’ll certainly gain less. Also, exercising away from home makes it easier to get back in the grove once you’re back. Trust me, those workouts get tougher when you take a week off! (PS – This can be done through workout DVDs and/or jogging. No gyms/equipment necessary!)

Listen to yourself over others. These vacations back home are twice as fun because of the people I get to see. However, these same people like to use a lot of phrases like, “It’s okay, you’re on vacation! Go ahead and have cake for all three meals.” Try and remember that they’re not going to see what you look like once you get back. You’re going to notice changes in your body that they don’t. This your vacation and your body. Don’t let the peer pressure get to you. Especially if they’re good friends.



Photo credit: Natalie Goodwin


Now there’s one exception to the last rule: Do whatever the bride tells you.

PH Wedding

Don’t get me wrong: My friend Paula didn’t tell me to eat extra cake. But as a rule of thumb, always listen to the bride! Congrats to Paula and Will, who got married last Saturday. Hopefully they won’t see this for a bit, as they’re currently in Hawaii.

And if they’re eating cake right now, I’ll totally allow it.


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