Why you should embrace the challenge (even though the challenge usually sucks)

Thanks to a number of people (but starting with Courtney Rioux), I’ve gotten really into personal development. Hence why so many blogs of mine have themes like “You are beautiful” or “Here’s a list of your life problems,” or “100 reasons to buy Tony drinks this weekend.”

The cool part about doing lots of personal development is that you hear certain themes more than once. While this may seem redundant, it’s actually quite nice. Assuming it’s a cool and awesome theme. (We’re not talking about things like being told to refill coffees quicker.) Each time I hear a reoccurring theme, I tend to listen a little better. The most recent reoccurring theme I heard was failure.  

Influential people like Dallas Travers and Tony Hawk have said how important it is to embrace failure and challenges whenever they show up. I always thought, “Sure! Failure. I can handle that. Bring it on, failure!”

Wish you were better

Photo credit: Seriously? It says it in the picture. Keep reading!

Admittedly, it wasn’t long before I decided I didn’t like this game. I took a look at my past year and found lots of challenge areas that I was failing in. I didn’t like it. And they certainly didn’t seem to be doing me any good.

I was thinking about this theme again as I got ready for work this past weekend. I wasn’t in a great mood. After all, I was about to go refill coffees for the next eight hours. The more I thought about challenges and failure, the more frustrated I got. To put myself in a better mood before I left, I decided to do some quick personal development. I listened to an interview from SUCCESS on Demand (a fantastic investment, by the way) where Darren Hardy interviewed a woman named Ping Fu. And that’s when my day got better.

(Let’s be honest – your day is already off to a better start when you hear a name as awesome as “Ping Fu.”)

“I usually see whenever there’s a problem and there’s challenges, I feel excited. Because I would take it as my own life challenge to overcome it. And I know that when I come out to the other end, I’ll feel better.”

My problem was I kept seeing my failures as this pit that I couldn’t get out of. Now I realize that even though challenges suck, we become a much more awesome person once we overcome them. We just need to believe that we will overcome them. And that’s when we get to be awesome awesome.  

Who doesn’t like feeling awesome?

it will all work out

Photo credit: http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com


What’s a challenge or failure that you’re going through right now? Do you believe you’re going to beat it?  

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