GUEST POST BY COURTNEY RIOUX: The Importance of Personal Development

Since getting involved with personal development, I’ve learned it’s more effective to share thoughts and ideas coming from a place of service. (I used to prefer doing vents or rants.) Since it’s had such a positive impact on me and my confidence, I’ve been thinking of different ways to get others involved. Especially those pursuing a career in the arts. 

And then I thought, why not have one of the experts tell you themselves? 

I’m incredibly happy to have Courtney Rioux do a first ever guest post for TonyinChicago!

(For those who don’t know, I took Courtney’s “My Big Year” program last winter, which began my personal development journey. Since then, I’ve not only continued working on personal development, but I try to attend her workshops too! 


Hi Tony’s friends. 

[Guys in the back are excited to hear from someone other than Tony.]

Tony asked me to share my thoughts with you on why personal development is so important.

Sometimes I ask people to set big goals, but if they don’t believe they are possible they won’t actually take the action needed to achieve said goals. They might even sabotage themselves to prove that they were right.  “See, I told you it wasn’t possible…”

Personal development gives you the confidence you need to know you have unlimited potential, and set bigger goals. Personal development gives you the belief that you are worth it. Personal development allows you to see things from a different perspective, which can change your whole life.  

Denis-Waitley-Quote (1)

[The guys in the back are asking, “Why would I want to set bigger goals?”]

Well, if you set small goals, you won’t have to change your actions much to try to achieve those goals.

In the book, The 10X Rule, Grant Cardone says that everyone who is successful sets goals that are 10x bigger than most people’s goals.  If you set goals that are 10x bigger, your actions will have to change DRASTICALLY. Then you’ll have a much better chance of achieving the goals.

However, many of my clients tell me that they’re afraid to set 10x goals. They don’t believe that the 10x goal is possible.  They’re afraid if they set it. They’re afraid that if they don’t reach it, they’ll be disappointed or look like a failure.

Shawn Achor in Before Happiness says that you have to believe that your goals are at least 70% achievable. Personal development expands your capacity to believe in yourself, and your goals.  

They say the number one fear that people have is Public Speaking. I believe that the REAL underlying fear beneath the fear of speaking is that people think that they are NOT ENOUGH, and because they’re not enough, they won’t be loved.

Personal development teaches you that you are enough. It teaches you that you will be loved if you love.

[The guys in the back wonder if just reading this blog about personal development is enough.]

For me, I need constant reminders of these little lessons. I need constant reminders that I am enough. My ego tells me everyday that I am not enough, so I have to remind it everyday that I am. My ego, and society sometimes think that shaming and guilt are the answers, and I have to keep reminding myself that love actually works much better. Love for myself, love for others, and love for what I do.

Jim Rohn

[The guys in the back are embarrassed to admit they still don’t know what personal development is]

Oh that’s okay.  Personal development is any book, audio, seminar, or coaching that teaches you to see things differently, find a better way or even just teaching you how to do something.

Here’s some of my favorite personal development books/audio: 

I’ve also got a personal development webinar called My BIG Year on Thursday at 6pm central. You can find out more info or register here. Try to make it on live because I’ll be giving away free coaching, and other prizes. If you can’t make it live, register anyway because I’ll send out a recording.

My Big Year 

Personal development has helped my bank account, my career, my relationship with  family and my husband. It has helped me find happiness, and fulfillment in all areas of my life, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without it.

If you like this, please reach out and say hi via social media:  @courtneyrioux

Courtney Rioux is an actor and a certified life coach for Courtney Rioux Coaching. She enjoys working with actors, and other creative artists to help expand their belief in themselves, achieve their goals, and live happy & fulfilled lives.

She also teaches on-camera acting at The Green Room Studio in Chicago.


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