This Apparently Happens When Pursuing Your Dream Job

I had an “Aha!” moment last night.

I spent half of my week at the Wisconsin-Illinois border for a film shoot with Surging Films and Theatrics.

2014-08-18 09.59.53

This was the awesome house we stayed at.

2014-08-18 14.17.17

This is the backyard of the awesome house we stayed at. Nothing but nature. And a cool bench. I totally sat in it.


Then I spent most of yesterday on set for a print shoot.

Staples shoot

Stole this one from Reggie Luis (standing in the back)! We enjoyed taking pictures during our down time….

Group 2

…like, really enjoyed taking pictures.


Then I got home. I got ready for my workout and started thinking about all the things I needed to catch up on. I only had a day before it was back to waiting tables and pretending to care about what kind of toast people want. Pretty soon I started to get frustrated and upset.


Have you figured it out yet? (It’s okay if you haven’t.)

I just had a wonderful week of doing what I love….only to come home and look forward to a weekend of doing what I…um…don’t love. I went from an extreme high to an extreme low. (For those of you who need another example: Think about coming home from a great vacation, and then going to work and pretending to care about what kind of toast people want.)

When we’re in the early stages of our fun, creative careers, we experience lots of highs and lows. And I’m willing to bet they’ll be part of the job once we’re further along as well.

[Guys in the back start grumbling because I haven’t explained how to handle this situation yet]

Oh. You were expecting me to give a solution to this one? Ah….see….I only just said my “Aha!” out loud, like, fifteen hours ago. I’m still going through this. How about I explain what I’m did after (in the form of bullet points – so it sounds like I’ve reached this awesome, incredible conclusion)?

[Guys in the back continue grumbling, but accept this]

Okay good. Here’s what I did:

-Poured myself a glass of wine.

-Poured myself a second glass of wine.

-Allowed myself to have some late night snacks, despite the fact that my nutrition has been god awful lately.

-Stayed up later than I should have watching television shows that shoot in Chicago.

(See above bullet points mentioning wine)

Basically I’m using my When Doing Things The Right Way Doesn’t Work technique. I had a bad nutrition week and am waited another day get back on track. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to fail in order to start succeeding again.

Anyone else go from an awesome high to an awful low before?

[Guys in the back point out that I just said “awesome –“]

Shut up. You know what I mean.

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