Stop Apologizing For Being You

What’s one of your embarrassing qualities you wish you could change? 

Before I share mine, a story! Well, not a real story. More of a comment. If you’re reading this, you know I enjoy writing. The cool thing about writing is you can go back and fix your words as many times as you want before sharing them with others. Unfortunately, this isn’t how things work in “real life” when you’re having, you know, a real conversation.

I love talking to others. I don’t mind being in front of large groups of people.  Yet I have this incredible tendency to stutter and stumble over my words. This is quite the embarrassing quality to have, especially when you’re a creative artist. I often find myself wishing I was more articulate and less socially awkward. There are even times when I fear that I’ve bothered others with my stuttering and stumbling.

The most recent time this happened was yesterday. (We’ll skip the more recent stuttering incident which took place talking to myself in the shower this morning.) Again, I became concerned that I was being a nuisance. For whatever reason, I quickly found myself asking these questions:

1) Am I actually offending anyone?

2) If I am, am I doing this on purpose?

It’s okay to be embarrassed by our habits. Just as long as it’s not causing us stress or pain. In fact, I want to encourage everyone to stop apologizing for doing things that make you the awesome person you are. As long as you’re not doing them to offend anyone, you have no reason to apologize. You’re being you! Even if this entails some silly qualities, why apologize?

Wanna know the best part? I’m willing to bet a lot of our friends enjoy our flaws.

Slurve Crew
I can’t promise that this group enjoys my flaws. But I’ve been friends with them for such a long time, they at least have a high tolerance of them


Think of a quality or habit that you may be embarrassed by. Are you purposefully doing it to offend someone? I doubt it. Go ahead and stop apologizing for it. Today.


3 thoughts on “Stop Apologizing For Being You

  1. Thank you for this! I have been consciously trying to embrace my “flaws” and the things that make me so “odd” and “weird” recently. I’m also trying to stop literally “sorry” for things I don’t actually need to be sorry for. Crazy how that word has sort of become a standard interjection that just squiggles its way in anywhere. See- I like that I just used the word “squiggles” even though technically that’s not the definition. Not sorry!

    • Katelyn Collins thank you so much for sharing this! I heard a great story on set recently from the make up artist, who said that people are ALWAYS apologizing for things: The way their hair does or doesn’t style right, make up related things, etc. She said it’s ridiculous because none of these things need apologizing! Definitely make me realize just how much I say sorry for things I don’t need to.

      On another note, you are a prime example of someone who’s “quirkiness,” for a lack of better words, makes you awesome. Your “blunders” section of your newsletter always makes me laugh out loud, and even inspired me to start my #ThingsTonyDoes on twitter and my “like” page. PLEASE do not any of your awesome habits, ans they make you a very likable person =)

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