Share the Things You’re Afraid To Share

Saturday, September 20th, 2014. This is date will go down in history as the day that I quit waiting tables forever.

I’d been planning for this day for a while. I originally wanted to post lots of joyous remarks on social media weeks ago. Yet each time I thought about doing this, lots of fears and doubts showed up. I’m going to share them with you here and now. Let me be clear: I’m not doing this because the fears are gone. Nor am I doing this because I want to be like “HEY! Look how great it is that I’m sharing what I’m scared of! Let’s be best friends!” (Though if you read my blog regularly and don’t actually know me, we should definitely be best friends). I’m sharing this because there’s a chance that one person out there – friend, colleague, friend of a friend, whomever – will relate. When we learn others share our fears and doubts, we’re more likely to get rid of our own.

Also, if you’re someone who has zero fears and doubts, you should stop reading. And I’m pretty sure you are a robot.

I quit my job without a “next place to go.” While I have several different options as far as income is concerned, I got rid of my main source I could depend on. I’ve worried that sharing this will mean judgment from my friends. I’ve thought about how others might think this was a stupid move and that I made the “wrong” decision. Here’s the thing though: Even if there people judging us, what are we going to lose?

Let’s be honest. If there really are people are judging us, they’re not friends. It’s one thing to express concern because we care. It’s another to flat out say that someone has made a stupid move about something that’s already happened.

Here’s another thing, and this is a big one (that’s what she said): The majority of our friends will be happy and supportive. Few, if any, are actually going to express these fears and doubts that we’ve made up in our head. (Remember that bully I talked about last week?) You guys. If you made a big and bold decision, there are so many positives that are already happening. This list includes:

-You’re brave and awesome

-You’re taking action towards your big and scary goals (See above)

-You’re likely incredibly attractive….

[Guys in the back point out that I’m only saying this because it applies to me.]

Okay, you got me there.

Seriously though. Get rid of that negative voice. Start focusing on everything that’s positive about the decisions that you’re making. You’ll be amazed at the magic that happens next.

[Guys in the back want to know what the magic is]

Oh, I can’t tell you that. You gotta do something big and scary first  🙂

2014-09-20 20.22.25

A gift I bought myself for the day I stopped waiting tables. Luckily I had friends to share it with. Bring on the magic!

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