How To Start Being Awesome

As you’re all undoubtedly aware, I’m pretty awesome

[Guys in the back disagree loudly]

And when you’re awesome like me, you have plenty of awesome knowledge to spread onto others.

[Guys in the back disagree even louder]

Sometimes when we’re on our quest to be even more awesome, we create this big idea in our heads we feel we have to match. This tends to create stress. We think anything less would be a failure.

Luckily, I’m in a good mood today. I’m willing to tell you everything there is to know about being awesome. With my many years of awesomeness, I believe I am an expert in the field of…

[Guys in the back are outraged and start shouting obscenities.]

Oh, one more thing: You’re always going to have doubters trying to bring you and your awesomeness down. Ignore them.

While I don’t really know everything there is to know about being awesome, I do have a couple of neat tricks that can get you on track to being a better you:

-Think small: This is a GREAT trick that we often overlook. A lot of us use the “go big or go home approach.” While it’s great to have a strong work ethic, it’s perfectly acceptable to think small starting out. Our end goal is still the same: It’s big and it’s awesome. But we might need to take baby steps to get there. Think about what small, tiny steps you can take to get to your goals. (Stole this trick from Darren Hardy.)

-Surround yourself with positivity: It’s hard to accomplish our big and scary goals when we’re surrounded by negativity. A great “baby step” to take towards a more positive life is to read personal development books (Sound familiar yet?) Again, think small. No need to set aside two hours of your day. I personally start my day off reading just ten pages of a personal development book. You can also listen or CDs and audio books while driving or performing small chores around the house. Dedicate just ten minutes every day for a month.  You’ll see results.

-Follow inspiring people on social media: Some of my favorites include Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, Les Brown, and Brian Tracy. Having positive quotes fill up your newsfeed makes logging into facebook a delight. I promise you can find another way to look at pictures of food, political rants, and the list of reasons your friends hate our country. (Though if you want my opinion, start hiding those posts from your feed…except maybe the food pictures. I enjoy a good meal.)

If reading any of this overwhelms you, think of a way you can make these tasks even smaller. The point is to think small while taking action toward becoming a better you.


Oh, and if hitting the “like” button really does overwhelm you, please see me after. This is concerning and we need talk.

Have an awesome weekend, friends.

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