Are You Failing Enough?


I used to read quotes from successful athletes and celebrities without really digesting their message. I was so blinded by their success that I failed to hear what they were actually saying: Without failure, there is no success. And I’m fairly certain that’s also a quote from someone important. (If and when you see them, please give them credit. And tell them to check out my blog).

Because of the way we’re taught, many of us look at failure the wrong way. We see it as something that prevents us from reaching our goals. Some of us encounter failure so many times that we confuse it for a reason to stop pursuing them altogether. What if we stopped looking at failure as a bad thing? Instead, try to see it as something that’s pushing us forward – not backward.

So how do we do this? To start, find the hidden “good” messages that are buried in each failure. What can I learn from this? What will I do differently next time? Would I have learned this lesson without failing?

Of course, this wouldn’t be a good update without sharing a failure of my own. Here’s an embarrassing one:

Three years ago, I worked as a tour guide/deckhand on one of Chicago’s sightseeing boats. On one of my days off, I thought it would be fun to take a boat ride and bring a friend. (His name is Jermaine, by the way. You should hang out with him if you’re in Chicago and buy him drinks) Being an employee, I figured we could take advantage of the bar and drink for free. While we behaved ourselves, I was completely naïve to a big rule: Tip your bartender. One of the bartenders eventually called me out. I’m still embarrassed whenever I think about this incident. But you better believe it taught me to always leave a tip. Even when things are free.

So, if failure really is a good thing and pushes us forward….why not seek it out? After all, it means we’ll reach our goals faster.

One of my favorite videos on failing (because yes, there’s many out there) is this one by Dallas Travers. Perhaps you’ve seen it before. I share it a lot 🙂

Your turn: Share a time that you failed at something. How did it help you learn a valuable lesson or become a better person?

Afraid you’ll post something silly or stupid? I doubt you will. Though if you do fall victim to a stupid comment (which doesn’t exist on here, I promise), at least that means you failed 🙂

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