That Negative Voice Inside Your Head

Let’s talk about that pesky negative voice inside your head.

Voices in my head (Steve B)

You can tell the “great ideas” voices they can stay. 

You know that guy (or girl) who keeps telling you that you’re not good enough? That you’re not capable of losing weight? That you’ll never be the type of person who can eat healthy five days out of the week? Or that you’ll never be able to achieve financial freedom because being a starving artist is just “part of the job?”

Tell him to shut up.

Tell him that you’re taking control. This might be hard for some of us who have a really pesky guy telling us lies right now.

(Seriously. My guy keeps telling me it’s okay to eat that chocolate bar I’ve been saving. And that I’ll never have a rockin’ body. #lies)

Here’s the tricky part: Sometimes this voice is sneaky. He gets so subtle in the ways he plants ideas and thoughts into our brains that we think they’re perfectly legit. I mean, why would there be a tiny person in our heads? That’s just silly….okay yes, it is silly. And it’s much easier to believe that we’re incapable or unworthy of achieving our big and scary goals

Allow me to share some of my own examples from this week:


Me: Oh man! Courtney Rioux posted this sweet vlog last week. It lead to a bunch of “aha” moments that I could write about all day! I should share this concept and what I learned from it with the rest of my friends.

Pesky negative voice: Really Tony? Think about that for a moment: You’re going to write a blog about a vlog. And you’ve already shared it, like, five times already. Plus lots of your friends already know Courtney. This is a terrible idea.

Me: Oh wow. I guess you’re right.


Me: Oh man! I have another chance to book work for tomorrow. Unfortunately I scheduled an important phone call. I’ll have to politely turn it down.

Pesky negative voice: Really Tony? That person you need to call doesn’t need to talk to you. Yes, you made a commitment to chat with them. But you’re really being a failure with your finances by turning down work. Just remember you did this when you’re broke next month and complaining that you can’t do anything fun.

Me: Oh wow. I guess you’re right.


Me: Oh man! I’d love to do something fun within the next few days. Even if it’s low key.

Pesky negative voice: Really Tony? You don’t deserve to do anything fun. Get back to work and pretend like you’re being productive again.

Me: Oh wow. I guess you’re right.


That last example may have been a little extreme. I wanted to share that one because on really bad days, that voice can be very convincing by saying very little.

Start to recognize the negative voice in your own head. Figure out what areas he is affecting your confidence. Remember that HE ISN’T REAL and that you’re an awesome, amazing human being.

Who are you not to be

I shared this on my facebook page yesterday. ERIC THOMAS is my favorite. He’s inspired me to the point where I listen to him every morning….and again at night.

While I find his messages incredibly powerful, perhaps you don’t. That’s okay. If this is the first you’ve heard of him, it’s harder to relate.

Perhaps you can relate to me a little better. And if that’s the case, hear my message:

You matter. You’re amazing. Don’t you dare let anyone else tell you otherwise – real or not 🙂

Go get ‘em, friends.


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