Redefining Failure

Guess who fell off track again? (Hint: He’s awesome. But he’s also #notperfect).

I’ve been writing a lot about health and nutrition. It’s important to both who I am as a person plus helps me achieve my non fitness goals. I take pride in saving up for cheat days and saying no to chocolate (…not always a fun area to be proud of).

That said, when cheat night does come around, it sometimes spirals out of control. I had to give myself an extra cheat night each week to control myself better. I figured this change made me Tony-freaking-Rossi: Cheat Night Conquistador.

2014-04-23 22.26.36

This is the expression that Tony-freaking-Rossi has, as he tends to think he’s invincible. 

…Of course I was wrong. (Which sucks because I really like the word conquistador.)

A couple nights ago I treated myself to wine, pizza, and a movie. At home. Obviously. Heaven forbid I actually do something fun outside of my studio apartment….

….the thing is though, I hadn’t actually sat through a full movie in a very long time. (Disclaimer: If you work for a Chicago talent agency and stumbled upon my page, please know that I film. In fact, we should hangout and watch film together…yes?) Since I’ve began monitoring how I spend my time, I tend to watch my shows in smaller increments.  I had almost “forgot” how to enjoy myself during a two hour movie.

And I really wish I had cleaned out my cabinets prior to starting.

The following morning, I woke up bloated and guilty. I had ate far too many snacks right up until bed. So much for being Tony-freaking-Rossi.

I had failed again…..but was it a bad thing?

“There is no failure. Only feedback.” –Robert Allen

Each time we “fail,” it teaches us what not to do. Of course there are those who ignore the feedback and keep trying the same thing over and over with the expectation of change. We all know how that works out. Our struggles teach us what not to do. We just have to be willing to accept failure as feedback and avoid beating ourselves up.

As we head into the weekend, remember that there is no failure. There’s only feedback. If you fall off track with your goals – nutrition or not – think of it as a lesson that’s preparing you for awesomeness.

Oh yeah. I said awesomeness.

Go get ‘em, friends.