Your Crazy, Awesome Life is Waiting. Stop Letting It Sit There.

I have a love-hate relationship with the phrase “crazy, awesome life.”

I like how it forces us to envision a life that’s fun and exciting. Perhaps prior to hearing this phrase, we settled for a vision of “Well that would be nice, but this is reality.”

Here’s what I dislike about it: It’s cliché. It sounds silly and almost impossible. Or if we look at it from another angle, it implies that it’s a life full of riches and fame. Spoiler alert: Money and success isn’t enough for happiness. Ask the guy who created Minecraft how that turned out.

I use the phrase nonetheless. I use it because it makes you envision an awesome life: where you want, with the people you want, and best of all – doing what you want.

“Great. You want me to be happy. How am I supposed to do that when I have [a damn good reason relating to finances, with an emphasis on how difficult it is to obtain a dream job]?”

I’m glad you asked.

Unfortunately, it’s not considered normal to live a crazy, awesome life. Most people don’t go after this. It seems impossible. It’s too hard. What will others think?

It all comes down to  yourmindset.

Start treating your brain like you would a fine tuned athlete. (I was going to use Tom Brady, but realized many of my Chicago friends would likely not fare well in this scenario). You want to live a crazy, awesome life? Start fueling your brain with the best stuff you can get your hands on.

A lot of us operate under what’s called a fixed mindset. I was a big offender of this: “What’s that? A great piece of advice that I could use for my acting career? Oh no. I took a class with [someone who nobody has heard of in Chicago] when I was younger and that goes against what they said. I know you have a great agent that I would kill for, but I’m gonna stick with what I know…” Thanks to Courtney Rioux, personal development changed that. It allows us to expand our mindset while learning new insights which push us to do things we wouldn’t otherwise consider.

So. There’s a Ted Talk titled “Why I Stopped Watching Porn.” It got my attention.

Ran Gavrieli shares a funny story (starts at 6:10): He watched about twenty minutes of a show whose set up was similar to American Idol. He couldn’t stand it. He left to take a shower. After a good ten minutes in the shower, he noticed that he was seriously questioning: “What would I have sung for the audition?”

This was from a mere twenty minutes of television.

He didn’t like the show. He doesn’t have any musical ambitions. This is not part of his crazy, awesome life. Yet he caught himself dwelling on this without even realizing.

What do you feed your own mind with on a regular basis? Is it with reality television with lots of drama? Is it with the news that reports more crime and layoffs than it does inspiring stories?
Here’s the bottom line: You want to accomplish those big goals you’ve been talking about? Start being allergic to average. Fill your brain with positive, inspirational and big ideas. Hangout with successful people. Don’t spend twenty minutes with anyone who is going to try and tell you that your dreams and goals are stupid.

I might know you. I might not. Your goals are not stupid.

Regardless of your upbringing, you deserve to live an amazing life. If you can’t do it for you, do it for the people you love. If you really love them, they’re probably going to spend a lot of time around you. Don’t you want to be that positive source of inspiration to help them do the same?

It’s September. Let’s kick ass this month. Go get ‘em guys.

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