Attention Perfectionists: You can be successful without being perfect


I wish I had read these words forever ago.

I constantly get upset when things aren’t going perfect. If you saw my latest Sunday night video  (I share a new one weekly on facebook), you know that I had a day where I woke up at 4:30am – a good three and a half hours before my alarm went off. I didn’t want to be awake. I hated that I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Eventually, rather than fight it, I decided to accept it. And you know what? My day still turned out pretty good. Not perfect. But pretty good.

In fact, I’ve come to realize this has happened a lot lately.

The audition

I was running late to an audition. When I arrived, I learned I was at the wrong location. The odds of getting there “fifteen minutes early to fill out paperwork” weren’t looking too good.

I rushed off, made it to the right location, and had a less than perfect audition.

The outcome: I got a callback.

(Note: Actors. Don’t be late to auditions.)

The job situtation

For a long while, I refused to leave my dreaded job as a server because “there weren’t any other jobs out there that would give me the income and flexibility that I need.” But the day came where enough was enough. I left anyway, without a solid back up plan. It wasn’t the smartest decision. I had more than my share of financial struggles following this.

The outcome: I submitted for a job I never would have otherwise submitted for. I got it. My hours have recently picked up. Today I’m more financially comfortable than I’ve been since before I started serving.

Combining the two

So now I’m working more hours – great! Now how do I keep pursuing acting?

For a while this year, I wasn’t sure. There were some big obstacles around my schedule. I didn’t think there would be any projects I could pursue without taking a lot of time off. I didn’t think I’d be able to attend last minute commercial auditions for the same reason.

The outcome: A few months ago I got off my high horse and got back in touch with my agent. Since then, they’ve gotten me several auditions – all of which I’ve been able to attend around my work schedule. I’ve also discovered theatre projects that wouldn’t require time off either. I found answers which I thought didn’t exist because “they just wouldn’t work around my schedule.”



Sometimes things work out in our favor, despite the odds. This doesn’t always happen. Knowing that it does, however, releases our need to control every detail and trust that things have a way of “just working out” sometimes. .

Furthermore, we need to be willing to take risks. And fail. A lot of the answers I’ve found weren’t ones I had even considered because I had too many limiting beliefs around the outcome.

Trust that you can still do what you want. Don’t stress about how it looks. Just try it. Even if you fail, you might learn something you wouldn’t have otherwise learned.

Don’t let perfection get in the way of you living your awesome life.

Go get ‘em.


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