How you can make the most of your holiday

Paint a picture in your head of the “perfect” holiday. What do you see?


-Is it a big family gathering?

-Lots of people flying in from all over the country to be together?

-A large table of food with people you haven’t seen in a while?

-Maybe a visit from friends of the family?


I recently heard the term “fomo” – Fear of missing out. I grew up thinking holidays needed to match all of these things. Then when my own family gatherings didn’t meet this reality, I’d experience fomo. I don’t know about you, but I hate feeling like I’m missing out on something. It eats away at me. (Which in turn usually just makes me want to eat more pie.)


Something that’s helped ease this fear is this: Everyone celebrates differently. In fact, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate. What matters is what makes you happy.


I shared on facebook yesterday about how important it is to set an intention. It might seem insignificant, but could make the difference in making your holiday extra special. So ask yourself: What do you want from your holiday?

-Do you want to laugh?

-Do you want a day away from your busy schedule in order to be around others you love?

-Do you want a day off your workout/nutrition regiment to eat lots of food for a day?

-Do you want a day where you get to focus on how grateful you are for everything as opposed to stressing out about your day to day routine?


I want all of those things. Today I’m grateful that I know I can do all of those things: Laugh, take a day off, stop stressing, and enjoy whichever company I’m in, without trying to match my holiday with everyone else’s that I see on social media.

However you choose to celebrate today, make it a day where you’re happy. In fact, let’s do that every day, yes?



From the Friendsgiving I hosted two years ago. The Patriots winning made it okay too. 

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Go get ‘em.

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