We get what we expect. We expect what we feed our mind.

Things that are upsetting and bothersome don’t belong on social media.

I’m a big advocate for posting things that inspire others. Things that make us happy. Posting about how terrible something is doesn’t change the scenario, nor does it change the bigger picture of what we want others to do.

Earlier this week I was having a rough afternoon. Had I posted about it on social media as it was happening, it wouldn’t have made for very positive content – that is, until it reached a really awesome point.

Basically, my debit card got declined. For the third time in less than two weeks. Oh, and the last two times happened within ten minutes.

I wasn’t just frustrated. I was perplexed. This has came at a time when I’ve had more control over my finances and more funds in my account than I’ve had all year. Not only did this not make sense, but I hate wasting time. I was not a happy camper.

The third time it happened was when I was at a shop in Wrigleyville called Strange Cargo.

strange cargo

They often write funny messages on this marque. (This one’s less funny. Just a true statement.)

I’ve only come in here a small handful of times. Each time I have, it’s to buy a pair of converse. It’s usually a quick trip. I pop in, grab the shoes pay for them, leave. This time I was hoping to do the same. But of course…

Shop owner: “Your card got declined.”

Me: “This just happened to me next door! There must be something wrong with my card…I’ll have to run to the ATM – “

Shop owner: (Sliding the shoes toward me) “Don’t worry about it.”

Me: “Wait…what?”

Shop owner: “Go ahead and take them. When you get a chance, you can come back and pay.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Shop owner: “Yeah! You can come back next time you’re in the area.”

Me: “…….”

This came at a time where there’s been more negative material on social media than I’ve seen all year. My brain has been flooded with ideas about how terrible people are, how corrupt society is, and how scared others are. Not only was this effecting my mood (without my even realizing), but it was giving me a false impression of how terrible people are.

This man who works at Strange Cargo is not a terrible person. He’s a freaking awesome person. And we should probably all go to Strange Cargo and give him all our money.

What we feed our brains affects the way we think.  This effects how we feel on a day to day basis. And it effects how we feel about others. I don’t know what this man is feeding into his brain on a regular basis, but I’ll gladly take a double dose.

When I returned, he was surprised. “You didn’t have to come back today!” He shared that he’s done this with customers before. “I’ve never been burned once.”

Need I say more?

Two thoughts to wrap us up:

  • What we feed into our minds – links on social media, garbage television, gossip from coworkers – it all affects the way we think
  • We get what we expect. If you expect everyone to be an asshole, you’re going to notice all the people who cut you off, all the people who are holding you up in line, all customers who are ruining your day.

Start feeding your mind with positive fuel. You’ll be happier, and expect better things.

Go get ’em guys. (And go to Strange Cargo. NOW.)


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