The Worst Case Scenario Is….

Funny how we stress out, isn’t it?

If you don’t find stress funny, allow me to share a story.

I was having a good day. A really good day. Nothing crazy. Just a productive day with lots of positives to focus on. I love days like this. What could go wrong?

I checked my bank account really quick before dinner.


And that, my friends, ended my buzz.

There wasn’t anything abnormal. Just a wake up call. I realized how I didn’t have as much coming in as I hoped. Next month? Not looking much better. What was I going to do?

When we stress about things that haven’t happened yet, we often assume the worst. The negatives are magnified. All we can focus on is how gloomy the future looks. Funny thing is, we could just as easily think about what could go right.

When this happened with me, I wasn’t thinking about what could go right. I wasn’t thinking about how much I’ve saved over the past two months. How it’s more than I’ve saved in a long while. I didn’t think about all the last minute jobs that tend to show up. And I wasn’t thinking how every single time I’ve had a money setback, I’ve made it work. Yes, there was sometimes stress. But I made it work.

It’s tough to visualize how something will work out when you don’t know how it’s going to work out. On the other hand, we sure know how to visualize how bad things will go, don’t we?

The Worst Case Scenario Routine

We’ll use me as an example. If I don’t pick up the work I need in order to pay my bills, what will happen? I could ask my family for money. I’d be embarrassed and it would affect my confidence. But I could do it. Although, this is the worst case scenario, right? So we’ll say that’s not an option. A medical emergency happened there aren’t any Tony Rossi funds available. Now what? I’d apply for a fulltime job? I’d probably hate it (this is the worst case scenario after all), but it would get me rent money. But wait! There’s no jobs to be had in Chicago. All the other struggling actors snagged ‘em. Looks like I won’t be renewing my lease as planned. Time to go back to roommates….and since it is the worst case scenario, they’re probably going to be murders, infected with disease. There’s a 90% chance I’m going to die in this apartment…

Translation: If I don’t make it work out financially next month, I’m going to get murdered. (Or die from infectious diseases.)

We have a tendency to do this. We jump to the worst case scenario thinking about how awful things are going to go. Yet, if we take a step back and observe what’s going on, we realize how irrational we’re being.

So let’s try this together:

This will go right.

I’ve done this before. I’ll do it again.

I f***ing deserve this.

And…c’mon….I’m not going to die.

You with me?

Let’s go get em, friends.


2 thoughts on “The Worst Case Scenario Is….

  1. Yes, all yes to this, my friend.

    Michael Bernoff has a saying that what you wrote about brought to mind for me; “How you define things is your ability to accept them”.

    We define our limits, our perceptions, our “worst case scenario”. What you’ve reflected back here really captures that!

    I especially love, “Funny thing is, we could just as easily think about what could go right.” This is one of the most important mental shifts we can undertake; you rock, my friend!!

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