The secret to being a great leader

If you’ve never been to the Chicago Comic Entertainment Expo… it’s a pretty big deal.

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Fans and creatives come from around the country to participate in a three day event with others who share their passions. Hotels are booked. Passes are purchased. Costumes are made….with a lot of time, effort and additional money.

When I accepted a gig promoting “Yokai Watch,” I didn’t know much about it.  I quickly learned there was a pretty big fan base ranging from little kids to full grown adults. Funny thing about adults who enjoy a product geared towards younger audiences: Many approached me apologetically for something that made them happy. I decided for my Sunday night video that I would discuss this.

“Awesome!” I thought. “I found another area where I can teach a lesson to others.”

Fast forward to last night.

It was Steppenwolf RED Night for “Mary Page Marlowe.” An evening with my favorite theatre that celebrates millennials in Chicago. Free food. Cheap drinks. What’s not to like?

“Welcome Tony! So you’re the first one here….”

Soo…I chatted with the staff at the sign in table. Allow me to share a few phrases I uttered as I waited for more to show up:

“I’m such a dork for being here first…

“I’m actually almost out of RED credits. I’ve just seen so many shows….it’s stupid…”

“My favorite show so far? I mean, it’s Steppenwolf….I’ve never seen a show I disliked…

Suddenly I was the person apologizing for loving Steppenwolf. To the people who work for Steppenwolf.

Darren Hardy shares that bosses will say “Hey, you! Go do this….” Leaders, on the other hand,  say, “Hey, you! Let’s go do this…”

Friends. I’m in this with you. The messages I share are messages I’m going through myself. Furthermore, remember that the leaders and mentors you admire have gone through the same struggles you are going through. It may be easy to put them on a pedestal…but don’t do that. Realize they’re normal humans who have gone through your struggles earlier in life.

Sound good?

Remove the limitations. Those leaders you’re following are just as great as you are.

Go get ‘em.

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