#ShoutOutTuesday: Shoebocks, Pinch Spice Market

It’s #ShoutOutTuesday!

I’m on a mission to be my most positive, healthy, and creative self.

I’ve decided to expand on this mission by shouting out cool people I connect with. These are people who are doing something with their lives who not only inspire me to be my best, but are doing cool work that I think others should know about.

Today’s Shout Out: Shoebocks, founder of Pinch Spice Market

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“I started Pinch simply because of my love of sharing food with people.  It is amazing to think that it has been 5 years since this journey started.

I love every aspect of it, and wake up everyday excited to help my customers cook awesome meals.

My focus is on finding the highest quality spices and using them to create amazing blends and rubs. Anytime I make a blend, I do it right. I don’t cut corners add filler, or anything artificial like large spice brands.  I take pride in making everything by hand in small batches.”

(Quote credit: “About Us,” pinchspicemarket.com)

I met Shoebocks this past weekend at Williams-Sonoma in Lincoln Park. He was sampling some vegetarian chili seasoned with his delicious chili powder. He had a full set up with some other tasty spices.


I admire anyone who starts their own business. What I particularly like about Shoebocks is that he discovered the traditional route of working a “dependable” job also has its flaws. And so, he took the entrepreneur plunge. Love it.

He also shared with me how he started out with a traditional shop. Later on, he discovered his product attracted a specific demographic. Today he bounces in and out of local farmer’s markets and events. In my opinion, there are more“dependable” companies who could learn from this marketing strategy.

Check him out!



Wanna order some? (free shipping over $40)



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