#ShoutOutTuesday: SSU’s BFA Theatre Performance Class of 2016

It’s #ShoutOut Tuesday!

I’m on a mission to be my most positive, healthy, and creative self.

I’ve decided to expand on this mission by shouting out cool people I connect with. These are people who are doing something with their lives who not only inspire me to be my best, but are doing work that I think others should know about.

This week’s Shoutout: The BFA Theatre Performance class of 2016 at Salem State University


Snapped this rehearsal photo last week….totally didn’t tell them either

Yup. We got more than one person this week. The graduating class includes Tina Barry, Alex Deroo, Jimmy Flaherty, Morgan Flynn, Amanda Gaspari, Caitlyn Jones, Sam Lewis, David Meredith, and Danielle Woods.

I often share how that negative critic chimes in from time to time. He’s fantastic at pointing out everything that could go wrong with my life.

I learned last week he does this when I’m visiting my alma mater. He’ll make comments about me being the “old guy” visiting campus, trying to fit in with the cool kids. Or sometimes he’ll say it’s weird that I spend so much time visiting professors at a school that I’ve been away from for a while.

He can talk all he wants. The truth is, I’m inspired every time I’m back. It’s less about reliving memories (which are awesome) and more about being inspired at the work happening in the theatre department at Salem State.

Last week I paid a visit to campus. After having lunch with my former college adviser, David Allen George, I asked how open he’d be to letting me sit and be a fly on the wall for his class. The BFA seniors would be working on their final performance piece for their upcoming recital. Not only did he accept, but he also allowed me to speak to the students for a bit.

….and you guys know how much I love talking (I swear I didn’t know the picture was there until today).

The real fun came from watching them work. They performed a scene from Tracy Lett’s “August Osage County.” They tweaked the scene under direction from student Sam Lewis. Once again, I left feeling inspired. Good people doing work that fulfills them. That’s what we all should strive for.

Clearly by now you want to check this out for yourself. Here are the deets: (Lovingly stolen from their facebook event page)

Where: Callan Studio Theatre at Salem State University

When: Saturday, May 14th 7:00pm; Sunday, May 15th 2:00pm

What to expect: Recital will feature scenes from August Osage County, The Field, God of Carnage, Richard III, A Long Day’s Journey into Night, Nocturama, Pillowman, No Exit, Doubt, Random Black Girl, and MORE!

Please contact apreston@salemstate.edu to reserve tickets. Admission is FREE!

Thanks for the inspiration, guys 🙂 Hope you’re remembering to find the joy in all the madness that comes with graduation.

Go get ‘em.


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Be happy. That thing you’re worried about? Future-you isn’t even thinking about it right now 🙂 

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