I’m #notperfect. Wanna join?

I was up late last night.

I enjoyed some beer, listened to some baseball, and ate lots of food. It was wonderful. And yet, here I am talking about how I’m on this mission to be happier and healthier. Yes, I am on this mission, but here’s the truth: I’m still #notperfect
. And I enjoy #notperfect things.

I love cheese. I eat an embarrassing amounts if it’s available on my cheat nights. If it’s not available, I’ve been known to make a trip (or several) to the 24 hour Jewel that’s a short bike ride away – regardless of how cold it is.


This gets challenging when your favorite pizza shop is closing early and gives you extra slices.

I love chocolate. I stopped keeping it in my apartment because if I have one piece or one bite, the rest quickly will be gone. But when there are desserts on the table after Christmas dinner? I am SO having chocolate….all the chocolate.


A lovely view of the spread we had last Christmas at my Aunt’s place!

I love baseball games….okay so this one isn’t so bad. At least until you see how much money I spend. Or you see how much of that cheese and beer I’ll purchase. Or how my “be happy” attitude goes south because I’m upset that Ortiz got called out on a terrible pitch.


This wasn’t an issue during my trip home last month. 

I love doing a lot of things that don’t make me my most positive, healthy and creative self. And that’s what makes me normal.

Do you ever get upset at yourself for doing human things? They might keep you from your goals in the long run – but in the moment they’re pretty fantastic.

I like instant gratification. I’m sure you do too.

In all that I do – running private health and fitness groups, hosting weekly periscopes, or just posting on facebook – I’m encouraging you all to live your own positive, healthy and creative lives. Know that if you join me, we all get to be #notperfect. It’s about progress. And in the Tony Rossi Rule Book, we get to enjoy being human along the way.

Have an amazing rest of your week, my friends. Go get ‘em.

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