Take Ownership. Be Happier. (Then Tip Accordingly)

I’m going to toot my own horn for a minute here: I’ve gotten pretty damn good over the years at saving money and time when it comes to food.


Cooking in bulk saves time – leftovers! 

0601161905 (1).jpg

Packed some food prior to flying home last week. Had some healthy options ready to go for my first couple days! 


More packed meals for the flight home! 

With the exception of my amazing ability to empty my wallet by the second inning of a baseball game, I’ve learned tricks to pack meals and avoid inconveniences on the go. On visits home, however, it’s a different story. Family dinners and coffee with friends are a common occurrence. I enjoy these experiences, so I make time for them as I can. Below are a few experiences I had on my vacation last week that diiiiidn’t quite go according to plan….


What happened: I was budgeting, but really wanted to treat myself to breakfast. I ordered a couple of eggs, a side of veggies, and coffee. Next thing I knew, I was receiving a large plate of eggs, veggies, toast, and home fries. I ordered sides, but received the “combo.” This was going to cost more.

Taking ownership: If you’re looking to save money, you should avoid eating out all together.


What happened: I decided last minute to join family for lunch. I only had a short amount of time before meeting another friend for coffee. So we picked a spot right by the coffee shop with just enough time for dining. Due to an error….my food order wasn’t placed. My family had finished eating before my food had even arrived (I encouraged them to start without me). I was late to coffee with my friend.

Taking ownership:  If you’re on a set agenda, consider quicker food options (take out, just ordering drinks, etc.) Avoid sit down restaurants where issues like this can happen.

PS – I’ve been a server – I’m well aware of all of said issues. In a busy, popular place, there’s a lot that can go wrong very quickly J


Let’s be clear, here: None of these are real problems. I’m highlighting this because a lot of the time we get upset over delays and unforeseen circumstances. It’s easy to get upset and angry, when the mistake or delay shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Some thoughts on this:

1) It’s a waste of energy: Unless you’re going to ask the server (or whomever is responsible) for a change, the “letting off steam” to others approach is just going to drain you and make you more unhappy. Please keep this in mind over events that should be fun, like dinners and outings with friends.  (Side note: If you’re going to ask someone in the service industry to fix the error, tip accordingly. Even if they’re at fault, you’re causing a delay and more work to them, and possibly other staff and customers.)

2) Realize that problems are always a possibility. This isn’t a pessimistic view. Rather, it’s a chance to prepare so that when problems do arise, you’re ready.

There’s always a chance you could run into traffic. Consider leaving earlier, even if that means killing time beforehand.

There’s always a chance public transportation could have a delay. Either consider leaving early, or find another way of getting there. (This is a big reason I love biking.)

There’s always a chance your “supposed to be quick” meal could hit a snag and take twice as long. Considering packing a snack or coming up with a Plan B for food options. (Email me if you need tips! As I mentioned, I’m a pro when it comes to saving money on food.

3) Realize that bad things can happen to good people. No matter how nice of a person you are, the Universe sometimes has “off” days. Again, not being a pessimist 🙂 It’s acknowledging these things that save you energy and keep you happier when they do happen.


And then there are some people who always make you happy. An after dinner picture with my cousins Danielle and Samantha 🙂 

Sound good?

Good. Go get ‘em.


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