How I Stay Positive When Things Are Negative


It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of negativity following a tragic event. As someone who focuses on positivity and sharing that message with others, it’s challenging to make others happy when many are sad or angry.

Allow me to share some #TonyTips on how to avoid falling into a hole of negativity hole.

Avoid the news

Don’t won’t watch it. Don’t listen to it. Once you’ve been informed – you’re informed. No need to immerse yourself in details that don’t change the situation or allow you to do anything about it. Most of the time, you don’t need updates. You don’t need stories on the upbringing of the people who caused the tragedy.

This doesn’t mean you don’t care. In fact, it’s okay to give yourself days or times to feel sad about it. When you’re spending downtime on a break from work on on your way home to see family, that’s often not the time you want to feel sad or angry.

Instead, wait for the stories of warmth that come from the situation. Or learn more about the people it’s affecting. You can pick up details this way, plus learn ways to help. Or perhaps you’ll hear about others who are doing taking things in their own hands to help. Reading stories like this are bound to put you in a better mood.

Hide people on facebook

I do this. A lot. (Sorry guys).

I’ve shared before how I think we’re all doing social media “wrong.” Seeing comments about how terrible the world is takes a toll on us after a while. Investing too much time into a story about a terrible person does the same. Reading angry rants and opinions? Well that’s not going to do anyone any good. The more we limit the amount of negative opinions, the better our day is going to go.

Focus on the positives results from the negatives

A year and a half ago, one of my childhood friends passed away. It was a sad week, and has had sad times that have followed. Yet from this situation, an out pour of love and support have come towards the family. It’s also affected my own life in a lot of positive ways.

This doesn’t mean I’m glad it happened. Rather, I’m choosing to focus on the good that’s come from it. And yes, I still have times I’m sad. Thinking positive allows you to focus on the good – when you’re ready for it.


Below is a picture and post I made on facebook earlier this week:


Being positive doesn’t mean being in denial.

Bad things happen. Bad people exist. Bad situations will occur.

Being positive means you still believe in good despite those things.

And tonight when I saw a pride flag hanging up from a church, I saw another example of how good things are happening. Doesn’t mean bad things aren’t. But I like to focus on the good as we work toward fixing the bad.


Go get ’em, friends.



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