The problem with a “crazy, awesome” life

I used to be a big fan of the phrase “crazy awesome life.”

Lots of money in the bank. Taking frequent vacations. Doing work that doesn’t feel like work. And best of all, time to spend with those who matter most to us.

I think the bullet points are all important pieces to the puzzle we should aim to put together for ourselves. With that, I’m rethinking the phrase. There are plenty of people I know who would like a better life, but don’t necessarily want to put in the time or effort to create it. Instead they “settle” for what they have. And god do I hate that word….

How then do we share with others why it’s worth it to put in the extra work?

Recently I watched a video from Marie Folio. If you’re an entrepreneur, this channel is for you. Her tips are incredibly insightful. Her delivery is kind, quirky, and unapologetically herself – something I love to see in others!

This video was  on “How to Overcome A Devastating Setback.” In the video, Dr. Cathy Collautt uses a phrase multiple times that jumped right out at me: “In order to live a life worth living….”

A life worth living.

A crazy and fun life is more than just fun. It’s necessary. That means we have to put in the work. We have to go through setbacks. We have to spend time paying our dues now so that we can reap the benefits later.

There’s another story I’ll share from Jim Rohn’s “The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle.”

A master gathers his servants and gives each a number of talents (wages). He tells the servants to look after them carefully. Two of the servants went out, traded, and doubled their talents. The third, being more cautious, decided to bury his. When the master later asks how they fared with their talents, the third servant must confess his actions. The story concludes with the master taking away his talent and giving it to one of the other servants. (Another lesson entirely – we’ll save that for a future post.)

We can take all our money and hide it so we never go broke. We can lock ourselves in our homes and avoid other people so we never get sick or expose ourselves to danger. We could stay single the rest of our lives so we don’t experience a broken heart.

….none of that to me sounds very fun. Certainly not a “life worth living” in my book. There are even studies showing that companionship and love leads to a longer life!

I say it’s more than just “nice” to live a crazy, awesome life. It’s necessary. I’m going for it.

There's no way

Wanna join me?

Let’s go get ‘em, my friends.


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