Don’t feel like being grateful? Well guess what…

…I hear you. And you know what? That’s okay.

Over the past two months, I’ve found myself less grateful, less positive and more grumpy. Part of it has been because of a setback to my workout routine. But other times, I realize everything is fine, dandy and I catch myself almost trying to be in a bad mood.

So if you ever feel that way yourself…

  1. Know that it’s okay
  2. Realize that if you do want to truly be happy….you can.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a story from recently:

I was grocery shopping. And I was in a terrible mood. 

Nothing was in it’s place. They were out of produce I specifically went there to get. It was unusually busy for the early time of day. I avoided eye contact with everyone. I kept making a point to avoid others as much as I could. And when I got to the check out line, I just set down my groceries and hoped I could get out of there as soon as possible. 

A mom behind me had a little boy with her. He was very eager to help, not to mention explore the checkout aisle in its entirety…This was the opposite of someone I wanted to interact with. I avoided eye contact and just waited my turn. Eventually I had to put my basket away, and he was standing…right next to the baskets. Even being in a bad mood, I wasn’t about to be rude to a child. I said, “Excuse me, buddy!” waited for him to make space and placed away my basket. Later on he accidentally placed some raisins next to my items. I gently put them back on his side. “Unless those are for me?” I joked. 

This didn’t turn around my entire day. But it did make me happier.

I realized that being forced to interact with the child made me use energy that I had previously didn’t want to use. It was a time where I thought, “I can’t even THINK about putting on a smile right now…” But because there was a child there – I found a way to make it work. I forced myself to muster the energy to be polite and friendly. 

And it felt good. 

It was a humbling reminder that no matter how often we want to stay in our negative mood or state, we always have the energy to be friendly and happier. It’s just a matter of whether or not we actually want to. Finding little nuggets like these though help make it easier in the future. 

Regardless of how you spend today, realize that you do, in fact, have that energy to be happy today. It doesn’t matter what Uncle Freddy says to you 😉

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. Let’s go get ’em 🙂 thanksgiving .jpg

Thanksgiving 2012. I hosted….thankfully friends knowledge, food, and company rescued the day….that’s a story for another night 😉 


“Because that’s life”

Hello! And welcome to TonyinChicago.

I update every Thursday. (You should subscribe. They’re pretty great….though I suppose I’m biased).

I write because one of my favorite things in the world is to share with others how to become a more authentically positive version of ourselves so that we can do the things we really want to do with our lives. I want others to discover they have control over their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and patterns.

I want people to start realizing, “Oh wow….I used to feel (insert negative emotion here). But now I don’t. And my previous self would have never considered this a possibility!”

It’s a pretty awesome feeling once we realize how much control we actually have in life.

Sadly most people don’t accept this. They go with the, “It is what it is,” mentality. Oh! That reminds me…

There’s a guy who always visits one of my day jobs. I recall a conversation wit him where he shared with me -within minutes -about a health problem he had, then followed with how the red-hot Cubs would likely lose in the playoffs. “Because that’s life!” he told me.

Funny thing about life….


…it doesn’t actually suck. It only sucks if you allow it to suck and allow yourself to be pulled by the current of “it is what it is.” It’s a herd mentality. I’d advise you not to follow it.

My hope to everyone is that you start reading more than just this blog from a guy in Chicago. Read authors such as Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, and John Maxwell. Subscribe to Marie Forleo, Eric Thomas, and Preston Smiles on their youtube channels. Spend just a little bit of time everyday reading and watching these materials so that they eventually compound into these powerful thoughts that you never realized you were capable of having.




I hope you do this so that you can have your own transformation…and yes, I might be a bit more trim in the “after” photo. It’s more than just an “I eat better and exercise” photo. It’s an “I’m a happier person” photo. I hope you can be happier too.

And I hope you realize just how amazing life can be, my friends.

Let’s go get ’em.


Tony Rossi (that’s me!) is an actor, motivator and Beachbody coach helping others to become the most authentically positive version of themselves. If you’d like to speak with Tony, learn about his services, or tell him how much you like his hair, feel free to email him at 


Being authentically positive: How I really felt yesterday

Whenever a big, popular event happens, I often keep silent. I assume that I’ll just be echoing things that everyone else has heard.

When I share a message, I prefer to share something that’s unique and personal. My favorite content is from friends who do the same. On the other hand, I can’t stand when I see the opposite….yes, we’re going down that route today…

A small example of this is on birthdays: I see friends saying, “Happy birthday! Hope all is well” or “Happy birthday! Hope it’s a good one.” It’s a message that could literally be copied and pasted from one wall to the next. A bigger example was on Tuesday on Election Day. “Don’t forget to vote and do your civic duty!” We’ll ignore the fact that this was the biggest topic trending that day, but more so, there was nothing personal in this. It’s bland…. I don’t like bland.

I bring this up because the day after the election results have shown, I have a lot to say. But per usual, I see a lot of it already – except this case I’m actually not referring to what most of my friends are talking about. I’m not interesting in what they’re saying, because most of my friends are liberal and are mostly sharing content that makes me sad or upset….I don’t want to feel that way today. Or tomorrow.

The ones I’m referring to are my mentors sharing messages of hope and love. My favorites are even offering how to best focus your energy. I love these messages 🙂 Yet, because I’ve heard them multiple times….I assume that my voice is just going to be echoing what they’ve already said.

And maybe it will. But this week we’re doing things different. I’m writing in case there’s one person – maybe one of my many subscribers whom I’ve never met before (thanks guys 🙂 ) – to share a message dear to my heart:

Sometimes in life, things don’t go our way. We can spend all the time we want being upset and angry. We can post away to our hearts content about how “bad” things are. All this is doing is preventing us from doing the work we need to do in this world to be our best selves – both for us and those we love.

I’ll end with a story: I went to the post office yesterday at Irving and Southport. I met a nice worker named Janet and asked how her day was going. She said it was going well, but that everyone coming in was upset about the election results. She said there were even people coming in crying! I quickly learned that while Janet and I had both hoped for a different outcome, we agreed that “What’s done is done, and we’re all going to be okay.” I left the office with a big smile on my face.

Where your attention goes, energy flows. We can focus all we want on the bad that happens in life. That’s our choice. But what if instead we choose to focus how to make it awesome – regardless of the roadblocks?

I’m going to make the rest of 2016 awesome. I hope you’ll join me, friends.

Let’s go get ’em.

The BEST way to watch the World Series is…

I’ve had a routine all season. 

I listen to more games than I watch. I don’t have cable. I don’t pay to use MLB.TV. And listening is either free or costs me $2.99 a month. Add on top of that the fact that I can listen and get work done at the same time? 

It was exactly what I needed. 

I even learned I could listen to replays of the game with my lovely, cheap subscription. Between the Red Sox and Cubs, I was doing it all season. I got my baseball fix, kept up to date with my routines, and always had an option for something to put besides music for my days off. 

Of course, this gets tougher during the playoffs. Not only do you want to be there live, but you also tend want to watch instead of listen. After some initial reluctance, I eventually realized I didn’t mind listening to games during the post season. Sure, I had a few options that allowed me to watch on a delay, or see a multi-camera angle of the game that didn’t show replays. So that helped. I had found a routine and I made it work. 

But I still get stubborn. 

I still want to see live views and commentary of the game. And as things got better and better for the Cubs, I wanted to be able to have a special experience. And that’s when it hit me: I was living in Wrigleyville, could hear the ballpark, and had an opportunity that a lot of others would kill to have. 

So that’s how I’ve been enjoying the games: Listening to Pat and Ron on the Score. Watching a live feed, but on a (lengthy) delay. And listening to the sounds of Wrigleyville – whether the Cubs are home or away. As I considered options to watch tonight: At a friend’s apartment, at a bar, or somewhere “special,” I realized what I have is pretty damn special. (Note: I’ve also been walking down to the ballpark to watch the final inning from the TVs outside at Murphy’s Bleachers for some of the games!) 

Of course, not everyone has this opportunity. I’m guessing you don’t either. 

So what’s the best way for YOU to watch tonight? 

It’s whatever way makes you the happiest in this moment. Sure, you can try to find a special, perfect way to watch. I considered this too. But why change something that’s already working? 

Let’s go get ‘em, Cubbies. This has been an incredible 2016. Thanks for getting us here. 


Took this an hour before game time. There were a few others in the area…