3 quick reasons why you’re awesome

It’s my last blog post of 2016…..this shit better be good, huh? 

Per usual, I have a million thoughts on my mind. I’ve had a couple dozen aha moments since my end of the year vacation began. I’ve written down countless messages, notes, and thoughts that I can’t wait to share with the world – inspiring minds with the thoughts of Tony Rossi. 

We’ll save those for another day. 

Instead, here are three thoughts with no further explanation, of things on my mind that I think need to be shared: 

  1. You are awesome, exactly as you are
  2. You can screw up and still be just as awesome
  3. If you’re worried that you’re not awesome, chances are you have high standards for yourself. Which means you’re not going to let yourself be less awesome. 

…did I say I wasn’t going to give a further explanation? Oh. I lied. 

I love you guys. I am grateful for your likes, shares, and comments. I am grateful that so many of you watch my Sunday Facebook live videos. I am grateful for the mentors who teach me these lessons. 

And I’m grateful that I’m awesome enough to get over myself and share them. (Oh yes. This shit applies to me too.) 

Bring it on 2017. 

Let’s go get ‘em. 


Beautiful shot of a water show at Longwood Gardens earlier this week 


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