#TBT: What to do when you really, really want something

Did you guys know that this blog is over three years old?


Okay , technically it’s four and a half – but it got REALLY good at three…..

Did you also know that “motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing. That’s while we recommend it daily…”? (Thanks to my man, Zig Ziglar for that one.

We often need reminders in our lives of things we’ve already heard or learned. Which is why I’m implementing #TBT for this week’s post to January 2014. It was my first time doing Courtney Rioux’s “My Big Year” program. It’s still going strong….says the guy who is now doing it again….because motivation doesn’t last forever 🙂

Check it out friends.

For more about Courtney Rioux and the “My Big Year” program, check out her website and see if a 30 day trial might be right for you. (During that time, you can jump in and chat with us on our monthly call, participate in Facebook hours, and watch the training videos.)


What to when you really, really, want something – January 4th, 2014


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