There’s Always Time To Be Happy

You can thank my new favorite actor in the UK, Ross Grant, for this post.

I found Ross on YouTube recently and have been following him since. He periscopes three times a week sharing mind hacks and motivational messages. He also has a “book club” where he goes into specific chapters of some fantastic personal development books.

…so you can see why I like Ross.

On Wednesday he discussed time management and debunked the myth of “there’s not enough time.” (You can watch the replay here).

The best part of learning to manage your time is that we lose excuses (and you know I love that.) In this case, the excuse is “I don’t have time to do the things that will make me happier.” Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not we actually want to make a change.

Spoiler alert: If you’re unhappy, it probably means you’re unwilling to do things differently that will create change.

How about waking up early?

“Tony. I am not a morning person.” If you’ve said that before, it’s true – you’re not a morning person. Not only that, but you’ll never be one as long as you keep saying it. So stop saying it. Our brains are scanning for ways to prove the things we tell ourselves to be true. By saying this, you’re going to focus on the negatives that come from early mornings. Start finding what you actually enjoy and go from there. (Coffee, anyone? 😉 )

How about watching less TV?

I’ve covered this before: I used to spend hours every day watching Netflix. On the plus side, I knew a lot about Eric Tayor and the Dylan Panthers. On the other…..I wasn’t making much progress on my acting career. It might not be as fun to cut out your TV time. Consider the fact that this thing you “need to have” is coming from craving an escape from the things that are making you unhappy. By putting more time into your goals, you don’t need that escape. Instead, that time is your rest and relaxation time – and you deserve it. (Just not as much!)

And yes. I still watch TV. (Just not as much.)

So…What’s your decision?

Last Tuesday was election day in Chicago. And on social media, election days are always the same: “If you don’t go out and vote, you don’t get to complain about the way things are going later.”

If you’re unwilling to make a change, you don’t get to complain how your life is going later. You don’t get to complain about your job. You don’t get to complain about how there’s not enough time. And you don’t get to complain about celebrities or successful friends who are doing better than you. You can start taking action towards being better. Today.

Be happier.Spend your time wisely. Unless, of course, you’re happy with the way things are going. In that case, by all means, tell Eric Taylor I say hello.

Go get ‘em.