There IS Such Thing as “Too Much Vacation” – Here’s My Story

I feel alive.

And tired.

But mostly alive.

(And also tired.)

I just spent nine nights and eight days in the Boston area. It was wonderful.


Got to see so many Salem State friends! That’s Blair, Chris, Jonathan, some goofball with a Red Sox tie, Nikki, and Sara. Say hi to them. 


Oh right – we were there for a Matt and Shannon’s wedding! We got the bride a drink….


Because it’s not really a trip home without heading to Salem 



And not only did I get to see friends and family – but I also shot a commercial!


I’ll share a more-focused and more detailed picture after it airs! 


I was actually only supposed to be there for six days. But then I got another potential opportunity to comeback: It was an audition for a shoot that would be at the end of the month.

So thanks to Southwest (seriously – love them), I changed my flight (no fees!) and stayed an extra couple days.



This meant running into more friends, like Lisa, at the audition! 


Which clearly meant extra vacation time – yes?


I learned toward the end of my trip that I was ready to come home to Chicago. I needed Monday to rest up after an epic weekend. And Tuesday night I wanted to go to bed early so I could rest up for the audition. So really the last two days were spent partially seeing friends, but mostly staying in and catching up on emails.

Sounds fun….right? Maybe?

Here’s where I’m weird – I love setting aside my own business hours. I love drinking coffee, listening to music (usually a playlist either a teenager girl would listen to or a musical theatre major would enjoy) and checking off boxes on my to do list. Meanwhile, I’m staying in the know about the Chicago theatre scene, making plans to network, and planning my schedule according to my goals. It feels great.

…except this time it didn’t.

You see – I had grown sick of the suburbs.

Going over business hours from the Starbucks across from Wrigley Field? Where the red line is rumbling above my head on my walk over there? I love it. I don’t go to nearly as many baseball games as I’d like to, and I prefer biking over public transportation. There’s just something about the Chicago vibe.

And it’s for that reason, tonight, where I sit typing and fighting back sleep….that I still feel alive 🙂

Different elements are going to make you feel vigorous and energetic. Others are going to make you want to take a nap and wonder how much longer til your next vacation.

I love New England. I actually even love getting a couple nights in the suburbs getting away from it all. But after that extended trip – it was time to come back and be around my much needed energizer batteries. (Bunny not included.)

Start noticing what areas YOU feel most alive. And if you already know ‘em – leave a comment on my facebook page or shoot me a tweet!

Let’s feel alive, yah?


It’s good to be back 🙂 

Let’s go get ‘em, friends.


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Thanks for reading!

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