Baseball is Not “Just Baseball”

I used to think I was going to be a Harry Potter when I grew up.

I was eleven. I was a skinny guy with glasses. It wasn’t too long before I heard an announcement that the Harry Potter series would be turned into a movies. Like, real life movies. I should also note I lacked confidence, was terrified of girls (especially if I had a crush on them), and was eager to fit in with the popular kids. (I know, I know – the story of every eleven year old.)  

I made the decision: I was going to be cast as Harry Potter.

Green Suit - Me.JPG

….yeah. I had zero acting experience. I am not British. It didn’t happen. But I totally got paid to wear a green suit for a music video shoot one time…

This, my friends, is a very true story of what would eventually lead me to join drama club, continue acting through high school, pursue a BA in theatre, and move to Chicago to be a real life actor. That said, I don’t need to be Harry Potter. And today I much prefer plays over movies.

Reader note: If your name is Steven Spielberg, please stop reading and email I’d be open to discussing “awkward guy who laughs too loud” in your upcoming film, despite my theatrical preferences….

Things change as we get older. Passions, goals, hobbies tend to shift. But those one or two passions that stick with us? Those are special. 

Before I wanted to be Harry Potter, I wanted to be a baseball player. I don’t anymore. (Sorry, Theo.) But I guess you can say I still like baseball.




Another cool thing about Chicago – people here kind of like baseball. (Try watching this without crying. I dare you.)

What makes this special isn’t just the fact that a baseball team won. Yes, the championship was special. But the really special part of this video is watching the deep level of human connection.

That, my friends, is pretty effing beautiful.

This is much, much more than just a game.

I’ve always lived in either Chicago or New England. Know what that means for April? IT’S WEIRD. The weather can’t make up its mind 🙂 But there’s one thing that always makes me happy – baseball is back. There’s magic in the air again.

Finding those things we’re passionate about makes life a whole lot more fun. Don’t downplay those passions, friends. You’re robbing others of your joy. 

Also, this.


The marquee outside Murphy’s Bleachers always makes me smile. 

Let’s go get ’em, friends.

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What Are You Looking For?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “I have no control over the way I feel about this.” A lot of us think that we’re on a raft that’s floating down a river (a very windy river, if your raft was near Marina City and you were doing extra work at 8:00am). We’re just along for the ride, right?

Um, no. Not right.

Sure, there are things that are beyond our control. But our emotions aren’t one of them. This is just a friendly reminder that we get to feel the way we want. We just need to be looking for the things that make us feel this way. (Also, if 24 hours ago Tony is around, please tell him to give this a read. He could really use this reminder before his shift.)

This morning, I focused on things that made me happy and came up with a list:

-Today is the home opener for both the Red Sox and Cubs.

-I have a day off today!

-It is NOT snowing (this one really trumps the rest)

-I do not have to spend my morning/afternoon in a restaurant

-Starting late next week, I only have to spend two days a week in a restaurant. Fewer shifts, more free time, less stress = Happy Tony

-I got one of my “ideal Tony mornings” today (Sorry, I swear I wasn’t planning on referring to myself in the third person this much.) Basically, an “ideal Tony morning” means waking up at my convenience (today was 8:00am), shower, make breakfast, and figure out my day as I drink coffee out of my Salem State mug. I. Love. These. Mornings. I can ease into the day. Plus, coffee tastes twice as good coming from my Salem State mug. Speaking of which…

-I’m coming home this month. [There is an uproar from all who hail from New England!] Thank you, thank you! I should specify that I haven’t figured out details, never mind buy my plane ticket. [Applause dies down.] I haven’t figured out dates, haven’t figured out if I need to take time off work, and really should check in with my friends to see if it’s cool if I crash with them for a few days. But I’m not worried. Because it’s all going to work. I miss my friends too much for it not to.

Those are seven bullet points that I just came up with off the top of my head. I could have easily pulled out some negatives from most of these. But I’m not looking for those. I don’t feel like being in a bad mood (and I really don’t want to write two blogs today).

I will say this: If you’re reading this and are from New England, there’s a 99% chance I miss you. (There’s a 1% chance you’re from New England and live in Chicago. In which case, I’ll see you for a Sox game soon.) Instead on focusing on being sad, how about that Red Sox family I have in Chicago?


Happy Opening Day everyone!

Always remember that we find what we’re looking for. Positives and negatives alike.

What types of things do you want to try and find today?