The difference between being negative and being genuine. (It’s not what you think.) 

…okay maybe it’s what you think. 

Just recently, I came home to my apartment after returning to a visit to the Boston area. 


Not wanting to break routine, I proceeded to through my usual vacation withdrawals at first. “What? Back to reality? Back to day jobs? Ugh…” I decided I needed something Boston related to get me through the next few days. And since nothing makes me happier than the Red Sox, I figured listening to some baseball would do the trick. 

Good news: I have a membership that allows me to listen to any baseball game I want! 

Bad news: …it wasn’t working. 

Three phone calls and multiple conversations with both Google Play and MLB At Bat reps resulted in….no answers. 

The follow day, I called again. This time I got a rep named Cara from Oklahoma. 

Truthfully, Cara didn’t sound particularly enthusiastic to talk to me. And I couldn’t say I blamed her – I was calling to get help with something that really didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I love baseball – but I don’t need baseball. (Playoffs excluded. Obviously.) Yet I was surprised when apologized to me for not sounding more energetic. “I’m really not feeling well,” she admitted.

Her honesty allowed us to have an awesome conversation. She wasn’t being fake, pretending like she was thrilled to be at work (even though I’m sure her boss wouldn’t approve.) She was honest and I even got to learn more about her. She loves baseball, hockey, and was looking to get back into a career in singing! I loved everything about this. 

She also scored extra points when she solved my problem and got Tony Rossi some baseball back into his life. 

Now had Cara gone on to vent to me about how much she hated her job, hated being sick, etc. this would have been a different blog post. But I personally love when I get a sense of honesty from someone who is on the clock and serving me. 

In a nutshell, I can’t stand fake. I blame the corporate environment for this, and not their employees – who are most likely not getting paid enough to even be there in the first place. 

The way to be genuine is to be yourself without venting. I love getting a sense of the person behind the mandatory smile. But let’s also not confuse this with getting a free pass to bitch and moan that we’re on the clock in the first place. 

So friends, be on the lookout for more ways to be yourself without going into a tailspin of “this sucks and here’s why.” 

And if all else fails – tweet broadcaster Tim Neverett and let him know where you’re listening from. He likes when you do this. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 2.23.34 PM

Don’t worry, I wasn’t being negative. They were broadcasting an extra inning game. And doing it wonderfully. 


Let’s go get ‘em, friends. 

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Let’s #MakeSomeonesDay Again!

Remember that time we raised $500 to give to the employees of Starbucks at North and Wells, in the form of gift cards and tips? Thank you guys so much for helping me with that. It was awesome.


So awesome, that we’re going to #MakeSomeonesDay – again!  

#MakeSomeonesDay is about saying thank you to people who are doing their jobs. More specifically, saying thank you to those in the customer service/restaurant industry by leaving them a large gratuity.

While I tend to be eager to share the horror stories of the industry, there are some good stories too. I once had a customer leave me $100 as a tip for a check that was only $20. It made my day J

In about two weeks, I’ll be catching up with a friend at one of my favorite restaurants. We’re going to #MakeSomeonesDay and leave a $100 tip for our server. (Rather, I’ll be doing the tipping…I haven’t told my friend I’m doing this yet!)

What’s that? You want to help contribute? I knew you would.

Here’s what you need to know:

-I’ll be dining at this restaurant (location is a secret!) on Saturday, April 26th.

-If no one wants to donate to the cause – no worries! I’ll still leave the $100 tip regardless

-BUT if people do want to contribute, that would be awesome. I’ll simply give all donations to the server, plus some extra from myself so that we reach $100. 

-However…this doesn’t have to stop at $100. If we raise extra, the server gets it all!  

-None of the donations will go towards the check itself. (No extra fries for us!) All donations are solely for the tip.

-Donations are accepted through paypal or in person. No kickstarter or indiegogo this time. Kickstarter has specific requirements that this doesn’t fall into, and indiegogo has a $500 minimum. Plus they take out fees. (Which I may or may not have forgotten about last time.)

-If you donate, I’ll give you a shout out on facebook and twitter! Unless you want to remain anonymous. While I won’t mention how much you donated, I will be keeping everyone posted (on social media) at our total amount.  

-To donate, please email me at and we’ll set up a payment through paypal. Or just chat with me in person.

Sound good? Love it. Let’s #MakeSomeonesDay again!