#ShoutOutTuesday: Nate McNiff

It’s #ShoutOutTuesday!

I’m on a mission to be my most positive, healthy, and creative self.

I’ve decided to expand on this mission by shouting out cool people I connect with. These are people who are doing something with their lives who not only inspire me to be my best, but are doing work that I think others should know about.

This week’s shout out: Nate McNiff*

*Includes the man, the voice, and the beard. 



“Nathan is at the top of my list for voice over work. He has excellent range, he understands his audience, and there is so much character in his voice….I recommend Nathan for any job!” –Mary Bloand, CEO, Anchor Hitch Media (Stolen lovingly from Nate’s Website)

He’s a friendly guy, a positive thinker, and someone who appreciates all things Salem, Massachusetts. This gives him over a hundred Tony-points right off the bat, so the guy has an unfair advantage. But did you see him when he grew that epic beard?


Yup. It was real. Just ask the talented Nicole Beauchaine (left) if you don’t believe me

Nate and I were buddies having worked the New England Pirate Museum together. We’ve reconnected more recently while bonding over chat about positive mindset and thinking big.

You know I like thinking big.

I’ll let Nate’s work on his website do the talking. He’s a creative artist who has found a knack for voice over work. Give him a quick listen if you have a minute and ten seconds.

But as far as his mindset goes – it doesn’t get much better than Nate’s. He’s positive, friendly, and can turn your day around in a hurry. (He gives good hugs, too).

I hope all of you get a chance to experience Nate’s friendship. Very grateful for you, buddy.


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Be happy. That thing you’re worried about? Future-you isn’t even thinking about it right now 🙂 


Treat Others Well. Or Else…

Like most entrepreneurs, I’ve worked my share of “survival jobs” – work that pays the bills, while you pursue the work that you love. As I look back at some older jobs, I recall several unpleasant experiences.

As you know, this is a blog that promotes positivity, healthy living, and creativity…..so allow me to share.


What happened: I once found part time job with a flexible schedule. Despite lots of time invested in training and studying, it didn’t pan out. I made the decision to leave before receiving my first paycheck. I never got it. I later learned from several others that the same happened to them.

Where they are today: I just learned last month that the company went under well over a year ago.


What happened: I worked for a company with a verbally abusive boss. Don’t get me wrong – I was not exact stellar in this position. Yet I’ve had important mail placed in the wrong mailbox, and I know not to tell the mailman that he’s an F-ing idiot…see where I’m going with this?

Where they are today: They fired the boss. Shortly after, he sued them for a reason I was unfamiliar with. A bit after that, the building got torn down.


What happened: I had a great job that fed me creatively. Great boss, great coworkers, great location. There was an employee appreciation dinner every year. Excellent food. Open bar. They even let me come back for a shift on Halloween after I moved.

Where they are today: Last I heard they’re still doing well 🙂


It’s possible outside circumstances affected the first two companies that had nothing to with their work either. Looking at it from the outside, it seems that karma got the best of them. At the third employer? They’re pretty great. And I hope you give them lots of money.


I mean, what’s NOT to like about working at the New England Pirate Museum??

I’d be sad if anyone read this thinking it was about revenge and satisfaction. If anything, I think once we leave a job we don’t like, we should put all our focus into the ones we do like. Holding grudges is a great way to drain your mental and emotional energy. (Example: Anyone who has ever held a grudge over an ex.)

Treat others well. Be happier yourself.

Go get ‘em.