You’re allowed to feel shitty today

Ever find yourself in a mood and beating yourself up for feeling (insert your favorite negative mood here)?

Just yesterday I found myself in one of those moods. Don’t get me wrong – the day had a good start. It was an early morning, but an easy shift with some positive people.



I don’t usually like gigs like these….but the staff at Bisnow are wonderful. 

The thing is, these shifts make for a very early wake up. Like, a 4:30am wake up. And of course I got to bed late the night previously after my Vagabond School class. Oh, and I just so happened to have a show later that evening.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 4.33.38 PM.png

Aren’t we cute? Grateful for Broken Nose Theatre this group of people right here

“No worries!” I thought. ” I can totally take my time to rest, nap, and take it easy in between….”

….except I still haven’t figured out this nap thing. ( Like seriously!)

I experienced my normal symptoms of feeling tired, groggy, and cranky following my nap. I wasn’t happy. Which of course led me to get upset about anything and everything for the rest of the afternoon.

And then I said to myself, “You know what – it’s okay to feel shitty today.” And the minute I told myself this, I felt better.

Funny how much pressure we take off ourselves the minute we stop trying to do things right or perfect.

I hope that the next time you’re in a cranky mood, regardless of the reason, you cut yourself some slack and remember, “Hey. I’m human. I’m not a terrible person for being #notperfect.”


Write it down. Hang it up. I swear it helps.


Let’s go get ’em, friends.

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Thanks for reading, friends. 

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Why You’re Having a Bad Day

I was having a bad day. And it didn’t seem like I could improve it.

One of the benefits of being a #MyBigYear2017 member is the monthly calls with Courtney Rioux. (You can also sign up on her website to receive info for her free calls if this concept intrigues you.) A question Courtney sometimes asks us is, “Are you willing to see things differently?” I remember the first time I heard her ask this. I realized that each time I posted in our group or shared thoughts on a call, I was sharing them to vent. Not to hear an answer. In order to get that answer that deep down I ultimately wanted, I needed to see things differently. And to see things differently, I needed to be okay with being “wrong” about the way I was currently seeing things. 

A thought Courtney shares is, “You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be right.” I constantly need this reminder because, well….I like be right! 🙂 And the funny thing is, I think that by being right, I’ll automatically be happy. Usually it works the opposite. 

Back to my bad day: I wasn’t in a good mood and I had a lot of things I wanted to get done. Yet with the mood I was in, I wasn’t just unmotivated. But I grew more frustrated every time I started a new task. I quickly realized that this wasn’t the state I wanted to be in when doing things like answering emails and submitting to different theatre companies. 

I took a walk. (Okay, I went to Walgreens. I needed toilet paper.) 

I got home. I listened to Ross Grant do his bi-weekly #ActOnThisTV periscope.

And slowly, I started to feel better. (Cubs rallying in the 9th for a day game at Wrigley? Bonus points.)

It wasn’t until after all of these things that I started to be willing to see things differently. And once I was willing to see things differently, I was able to do the things that made me happy. 

Next time you’re in a bad mood ask yourself: Are you willing to see things differently? Or do you want to complain? If you want to complain, chances are you just want to be right. (Trust me, I get it.) And if you want to be right, perhaps right now is not the thing to solve your problem.

Take a break from the problem. In fact, watch this

I know, right? Cubs will do that to you.

Cubs .jpg

Thanks Cubbie Instagram for the pic. You make my blog look good. (Also – follow the Cubbies on instagram.)

Let’s go get ‘em friends. 

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Positivity with Pet Peeves?

It’s hard to stay positive when you have your pet peeves.

A lot of people who read my blogs or watch my live videos assume that I don’t have any pet peeves of my own. Rest assured – I’m very #notperfect and have my bad moments.

This week, for example…

 I went to Starbucks to do some work. Without my laptop charger.

I value my time. Friends will tell you (and probably tease me for this) that if I schedule a call with you at 2pm, I will call at 2pm on the dot. You can imagine my reaction when I started setting up at Starbucks, only to realize I didn’t have my charger with me. I could easily run home and grab it. But that’s wasted time!

On the (very short) walk back to my apartment, I realized that I was actually stressed before even getting there. Of course the stress escalated once I realized I had wasted time. But the morning had gotten off schedule already, and I wasn’t in a good place mentally. Having to go back and take an extra walk actually allowed me to reframe my focus by the time I had all my things and was ready to work.

My laptop overheated and shut off. While I was in the middle of a webinar.

Again – I value my time. When I schedule things specifically around a webinar, I’m looking forward to watching it. When this happened (just yesterday), I was livid. I’m sure my neighbors are wondering why I’m always cursing….

Fortunately there was a replay link. However, by the time I had finished I was way behind schedule for the day. There was no time for Starbucks, lots of work to be done, plus I had errands to run before an audition. I decided to stay home – much to my dismay. I’ve been working on getting out of the apartment more (hence the Starbucks visits) and was concerned my work session would be ineffective.

Since I was staying home, I decided to try a tip I picked up from the webinar: Setting up a work space that’s just for work. With my studio apartment, space is pretty limited. Fortunately, I recently received a folding table for some of the brand ambassador work I do. I decided to take advantage and set it up. Maybe see if I felt any different as I got to work.

It. Was. Great. And I don’t know if I would have discovered this as quickly had it not been for my laptop shutting off.


Give me a few more days, friends. I’m sure it will get even more messy. 

So what’s the message here? Both examples are things that I literally can’t stand: 1) Forgetting things and 2) when my laptop interrupts my work. Yet in both cases, something good came from it. I’ll be the first to admit the last thing I want to do is “look for the positives” when it comes to my pet peeves. Yet I discovered both of these positives that might not have happened if things went according to plan.

I hope these examples can help you with some of your own pet peeves, my friends.

Have an awesome week. Let’s go get ‘em.